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The new ARH S1 ANPR camera

is a mobile no-staff speed and traffic monitoring camera with on-board ANPR. It is capable of spotting a speeding vehicle up to 1200 meters (roughly 4000 feet) away and return a certified speed measurement from a whopping 600-meter (2000 feet) distance. No other speed monitoring camera is capable of registering an offender from this distance – possible thanks to S1’s unique high-precision laser technology.

S1 speed camera is extremely portable: it takes less than two minutes upon opening the carrying case to set up the device and to start the measuring process. Due to the compact and all-in-one design, it is not necessary to connect any other add-ons or accessories unlike many other devices on the market. The built-in ANPR engine, IR-illumination, laser tracker, GPS, WiFi and 4G modem are all protected under the durable IP54 plastic-metal hybrid shell.

Imagine a solution that is all at once secure, encrypted and cannot be compromised. ARH S1’s no-tamper design meets all of these criteria: from the moment the device captures a video or image-based evidence of the violation, the result files are encrypted and cannot be altered. The evidence – containing the automatically recognized license plate, the image and video evidence, location and timestamp – is securely stored on the device. It is instantly transmitted to a central server through an encrypted channel. The results can be accessed promptly on any other device (connected to the central server) e.g. a tablet in an interceptor vehicle ready to take action.

Additional Info

    • No-staff traffic monitoring and enforcement
    • Certified speed measurement even from 600 meters (4000 feet) away
    • Setup within minutes
    • 30× optical zoom for ANPR
    • All-in-one design: IR lights, ANPR engine, laser beam and communication

      • S1 provides solutions for common problems through:
        • Long-range speed measurement
        • Instant results after a 2-minute setup
        • Tamper-free event registration
        • Transferring data promptly via 4G or WiFi
        • Works on its own

          • S1 is ideal for:
            • Speed enforcement
            • Traffic control
            • Average speed measurement
            • Speed measurement from patrol cars

              S1 combines license plate recognition, a 30× optical zoom camera, IR and LED illumination, communication, GPS, data processing and certified laser speed detection capabilities in a single portable unit. Its built-in motion detection, JPEG image/MJPEG stream output, internal image buffer and H.264 compression can provide up to ten times smaller video stream, which leads to less network traffic and smaller storage space.


              ARH S1 S1
              Production Code ARHCAMS1-01-3573
              Generation Second
              Function of the second sensor Overview
              Resolution (primary + secondary) 1280 × 720 + 2048 × 1536
              Typical frame rate (primary + secondary) 30 FPS + 25 FPS
              Optical zoom (primary camera) 30×
              Image Buffer / Event Storage (approx.) 1K / 15K
              IR illumination wavelength 760 & 850 nm (multi wavelength infrared)
              Optimal OCR range at ambient light 20 m – 150 m (65 feet – 500 feet)
              Built-in Trigger Laser trigger
              Built-in LASER Included
              On-board computer (independent CPU cores) Intel Atom Quad Core 4 × 1.9 GHz
              Operating temperature range -20 °C – 50 °C (-4 °F – 122 °F)
              IP rating IP 54
              Full remote access YES (HTTP via 4G, Ethernet or WiFi)
              4G & GPS Included
              Optional accessories ARH-CAM S1 Tripod, Battery charger, External Battery, Seat Adapter, Soft Case


              Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This document does not constitute an offer.

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