• smart anpr camera
  • digital IP camera for ANPR



is a digital IP camera, illuminator and (Windows or Linux) computer integrated in a single device. Its processing unit locally runs license plate, container code, US DOT code recognition or database applications and allows access via web browsers. SmartCAM also has embedded digital signal processor (DSP) and field-programmable gate array processor (FPGA) for real-time image acquisition, manipulation, correction and enhancement tasks.

The camera can be enhanced with a variety of add-on components for specific functions or circumstances. Synchronized light sources are recommended at sites where extra brightness is necessary. A second 3 megapixel optic can also be added to the camera to perform license plate reading and provide overview images. Added built-in or external radars can deliver more precise triggering than software-based motion sensing, which is a less resource-intensive solution at high-speed roads and traffic congestion. The GPS and 3G module helps the camera determine its position and forward its stored data.
SmartCAM offers:
  • High quality image capturing for speed up to 255 km/h (158.5 mph)
  • Wide range of traffic monitoring functions
  • Best OCR accuracy in license plate recognition based systems
  • Large internal storage

SmartCAM provides solution for common problems by:
  • Automatic and maintenance-free 24/7 operation
  • Reflective and non-reflective license plates capturing
  • Simple installation requiring only power supply and standard IP connection
SmartCAM is ideal for:
  • Low infrastructure systems with its own automated applications and OS
  • All-in-one unit for tolling systems
  • Flexible hardware/software integration for ITS based systems; direct upload of user apps

SmartCAM combines ANPR/LPR camera, IR illumination, 3G modem and IP communication capability, GPS, data processing and (optional) Doppler speed radar in a single IP67 rated unit. The device automatically performs time synchronization (NTP) and image capturing in 30 FPS in any weather and light condition. Its built-in motion detection with extensive masking option, ONVIF compatibility, JPEG image / MJPEG stream output and internal buffer, synchronized IR (or optional white) LED illumination provide ideal image capturing and control.

The camera’s extensive ability for traffic counting, analysis and to directly control external devices, such as speed radars, illuminators, barriers as well as its accessibility through the web makes the perfect unit for a wide range of applications.


Resolution (H × V pixels)   1280 × 720
Sensor   Color, Progressive scan CCD 1/3"
Max. frame rate (at all resolution)   30 frames/sec
Exposure control   Global shutter, software adjustable 1/100 s – 1/30000 s
Output format   JPEG, MJPEG stream, H.264
JPEG quality   Adjustable between 10 % – 80 %
Day/night mode   Configurable day/night mode switching
Lens type   5.2 – 58.8 mm with high precision motorized positioning
Iris   Automatic motorized, programmable
Focus   Automatic motorized, programmable
Zoom   Automatic motorized, programmable
Optical filter   Switchable: All pass / IR cut above 850 nm
Recommended ANPR range   3 m – 20 m (10 feet – 65 feet)
Type   High power IR LED, regulated
IR wavelength   850 nm
Number of LEDs   8
Intensity   3 preconfigured modes (low, medium, high)
Flash time   Software adjustable, up to 950 µs
Additional illuminator   Optional
Processing & I/O
CPU   1.6 GHz Intel Atom + N2600
Operating memory   1 GB DDR3
Storage memory   32 GB
Operating system   Linux 64 bit
ANPR   Carmen® FreeFlow
Communication protocol   ARP, ICMP, TCP/IP, DHCP, NTP, FTP, HTTP, SMTP, RTP
Communication interface   Ethernet, 100 Mbit/sec
Radar   Optional
Measurement principle   Doppler-Radar
Measurement range   0 – 255 km/h (0 – 158.5 mph)
Radar frequency   24.165 GHz, K-Band
Type of detection   Selectable uni- or bidirectional
Installation angle   10° – 25° for official speed measurement
Operating mode   Counting (signed) speed
Electrical data
Input voltage   24 V – 28 V AC
Basic power consumption   14 W
Power consumption with heating   33 W
I/O ports   Opto Isolated In/Out, RS232
Mechanical data
Operating temperature   -35 °C – 55 °C (-31 °F – 131 °F)*
Additional heating   Optional
Startup temperature   Over -25°C (-13°F)
IP rating   IP67
Dimensions (L × W × H)   440 mm × 188 mm × 269.5 mm (16.46" × 7.40" × 10.61")
Weight (without bracket)   5 kg (11 lbs)
Weight (bracket)   0.6 kg (1.32 lbs)
Housing material   Aluminium
Housing color   RAL 9007 / Optional custom
Shield color   RAL 9007 / Optional custom
*Internal temperature
Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This document does not constitute an offer.
SMARTCAM BROCHURE pdf   Product description in PDF
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ARH PRODUCT CATALOG pdf   Comprehensive brochure showcasing all of our traffic, license plate recognition, passport, travel document, ID reader and biometric (AFS/AFIS) products

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