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On the move ANPR camera

On the move ANPR camera

The new MICROCAM M202/M403 LPR camera series

performs on-the-move license plate recognition – in the same quality as a fixed high-end ANPR camera. MicroCAM doesn’t want you to make a compromise: it offers the best of both worlds. The on-board Vehicle Detection video algorithm creates an event for each vehicle passing in the camera’s field of view. One vehicle, one event, with result format and location defined by you. MicroCAM achieves what was once impossible, capturing plates with ANPR technology while you are driving.

The camera’s sleek design was created with portability in mind: it is light, it is small. The MicroCAM can be easily mounted on a rooftop of a patrol car or behind the windshield. The camera uses a single POE+ connector, which makes the installation quick and straightforward. The IP67 rated robust and stable metal body offers a protection comparable to fixed cameras. Pick the wide-angle lens or the long-range lens – according to your preferred use. MicroCAM M402 runs the World’s No.1 plate recognition engine: Carmen® ANPR.

Additional Info

    • On-the-move license plate reading (M202) and recognition (M402)
    • Compact and robust IP67-rated body
    • Easy installation and integration on vehicles
    • Wide-angle or long-range optics
    • Easy mounting with single-cable POE+
    • ONVIF compliance

    MicroCAM provides solution for common problems by:
    • Running on-board image-based Vehicle Detection algorithm
    • Quick and easy installation with single cable connection
    • On-board LED illumination for reading reflective and non-reflective license plates day and night

    MicroCAM is ideal for:
    • Mounting on a patrol car
    • Toll collection
    • Preventing crime and aiding law enforcement

    The MicroCAM IP camera comes equipped with brightness control settings that are optimized for recognizing license plates at high speeds and under rapidly changing lighting conditions. In addition, MicroCAM is equipped with its own onboard web server and embedded ANPR/LPR. The unit is protected by IP67 rated durable weather-proof housing. The device’s fixed-lens camera module generates ONVIF certified MJPEG videos or JPEG still image outputs. CARMEN® guarantees high-accuracy license plate recognition rates.

    on-the-move ANPR ● Rooftop/dashboard camera ● Vehicle Detection ● single cable (PoE+) connection ● Quick auto brightness ● CARMEN® ready ● ONVIF compliant

    MICROCAM M202 FHD M202 FHD Wide M402 FHD M402 FHD Wide
    Production Code MicroCAM-02-4330 (IR850)
    MicroCAM-02-4338 (IR760)
    MicroCAM-02-4390 (IR850)
    MicorCAM-02-4398 (IR760)
    MicroCAM-02-4430 MicroCAM-02-4490
    Generation Second
    Resolution 2048 × 1536
    Typical frame rate 30 FPS
    Focal length fixed 16 mm fixed 4.5 mm fixed 16 mm fixed 4.5 mm
    Image Buffer / Event Storage (approx.) 800 / – 800 / 60K
    Illumination wavelength 760 nm or 850 nm (infrared) 850 nm (infrared)
    Optimal OCR range at ambient light 6.5 m ‒ 14 m (21 feet ‒ 45 feet) 1 m ‒ 3.5 m (3.3 feet ‒ 11.5 feet) 6.5 m ‒ 14 m (21 feet ‒ 45 feet) 1 m ‒ 3.5 m (3.3 feet ‒ 11.5 feet)
    Built-in Vehicle Detection YES
    On-board computer (independent CPU cores) ARM Quad Core 4×1 GHz
    Operating temperature range -30 °C – 70 °C (-22 °F – 158 °F)*
    IP rating IP 67
    Full remote access YES (HTTPs)
    Optional accessories IO cables


    *internal temperature / ambient temperature: max. 50 °C / 55 °C (122 °F / 131 °F)

    Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This document does not constitute an offer.

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