• freeway ir light, anpr light source extension
  • ARH, plug and play
  • illuminator, low light environments
Light Source Extension to maximize ANPR/LPR range and results

Light Source Extension to maximize ANPR/LPR range and results

The OCR illuminator FreewayCAM IR-LIGHT

models are plug and play auxiliary light components for ARH’s 2nd and 3rd generation cameras. These extra light sources can be used to extend the effective ANPR range in low light environments. These add-on light sources can illuminate the object and its surroundings glare free and without overexposing details. Also, FreewayCAM IR-LIGHT prevents excessive reflections from the license plate. The IR-LIGHT is available with white light LEDs or IR LEDs (760 nm or 850 nm). It is possible to connect more than one unit to a camera.

FreewayCAM IR-LIGHT has a vandal proof IP67 housing and it can be purchased as a light kit for 3rd generation cameras: everything comes in the box, nothing else is required except basic tools. We believe in sturdiness and quality, which is why the 3rd generation FreewayCAM IR-LIGHT has an extended 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Additional Info

    • Extended ANPR range
    • Customizable solution for every scenario
    • Flash synchronized with ARH cameras
    • Distraction-free, non-visible light
    • Enhanced images – optimized for ANPR
    • 25 high quality IR LEDs (third generation), 18 high quality IR LEDs (second generation)

    FreewayCAM IR-LIGHT provides solution for common problems by:
    • Providing extended ANPR range in dark environments
    • Connecting multiple synchronized units to one camera
    • Allowing separate LED intensity settings for each connected unit
    • Offering a choice of 3 available flash intensity modes
    • Plug and play design: it is instantly accessible through the camera’s interface

    FreewayCAM IR-LIGH is ideal for:
    • Illuminating the vehicle and its surrounding
    • Mission critical applications

    The IR-LIGHT light-kit is a customizable solution for every scenario: each unit’s setting can be separately adjusted remotely through the camera’s interface. The effective range of the Illuminator is 30 meters in case of the 2nd generation model and up to 100 meters for the 3rd generation model. However, the range might depend on the prevailing environmental conditions like weather, sunlight and fog. The illuminator is plug and play and instantly accessible through the camera’s interface.

    Production Code FreewayFlash-02 FreewayFlash-03
    Generation Second Third
    IR illumination wavelength 760 nm, 850 nm, white
    Maximum ANPR range at “0” LUX 30 m (100 feet) 100 m (328 feet)
    Number of LEDs 18 25
    Operating temperature range -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
    Extra heating available
    IP Rating IP67
    Full remote access Plug and play through the camera’s interface
    Extra features Synchronized flash with ARH cameras
    Adjustable illumination intensity and timing
    FREEWAYCAM IR-LIGHT BROCHURE pdf   Product description in PDF
    RECOGNITION CAMERAS & SENSORS FAMILY pdf   The complete list of all cameras and sensors
    ARH PRODUCT CATALOG pdf   Comprehensive brochure showcasing all of our traffic, license plate recognition, passport, travel document, ID reader and biometric (AFS/AFIS) products
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