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Combo Smart N

has a cutting edge compared to other passport readers: onboard data processing. While other scanners require a a local PC connection, Combo Smart N performs passport data capture and authentication on its own. This all-in-one unit reads full ID information – Machine Readable Zone (MRZ), Visual Inspection Zone (VIZ) and performs smart chip decoding (RFID) – without a PC or laptop and works perfectly with thin clients. As a platform independent device, it needs no installation. Combo Smart N can be accessed remotely from a range of devices including smartphones and tablets and seamlessly functions in any kind of environment – via a customizable web interface. All this makes the device the perfect choice for high security environments where 3rd party software installation is not preferred – or where the practicality of plug-and-play operation is a priority.

Additional Info

  • BENEFITS: BENEFITS Combo Smart N offers:
    • on-board data processing
    • access to results via web browser
    • customizable web interface

      Combo Smart N provides solution for common problems by:
    • environment independent operation (hardware or OS)
    • requiring no software installation

      Combo Smart N is ideal for:
    • thin client environments
    • high security IT systems where no 3rd party software installation is allowed
    • banks, border control authorities, airports – wherever an all-in-one solution is needed

    Combo Smart N performs all data reading and image processing tasks on its built-in CPU and generates data packages that can be transferred over the network. The supported ways of communication are Ethernet and wifi and the available communication protocols for data transfer are FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WS and WSS.


    Combo Smart N comes with the same sophisticated image processing tools as other passport scanners, from Reflection Removal to Adaptive Light Control and OVD visualization, performed on 500 PPI images (visible white, infrared and UV). This model comes with complete range of data reading capabilities, such as recognition of MRZ according to ICAO9303, VIZ, 1D/2D barcodes, contact chips and contactless chips, supporting all the latest RFID authentication methods like BAC, EAC, PACE etc.


    Active Scan Area 125 mm × 88 mm (4.92” × 3.46”)
    Illumination Sources LED visible white, IR (B900), UVA
    Image Resolution 500 PPI
    Provided Images Visible, IR, UV (UVA), OVD image, glare-free image
    Image Formats BMP, JPG, JPG2000 and PNG
    Image Color Depth 24 bits/pixels [RGB, 8 bits/pixels (IR image)]
    Automatic Document Detection (ADD) YES
    Reflection Removal (RR) YES
    ICAO MRZ Reading ICAO compliant documents per ICAO 9303 specification Part 1, Part 1v2, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 3v2 for Type ID-1, ID-2 and ID-3 MRZ Optical Character Recognition
    VIZ Reading Available with ARH VIZ OCR software 
    Barcode Reading 1D: UPC-A, EAN8, EAN13, Code39, Code128 and ITF
    2D: PDF 417, Data Matrix, QR Code, Aztec Code
    From paper-based documents and mobile devices
    AAMVA compliant PDF417 and IATA BCBP
    Contactless IC (RFID) Reading contactless ICs according to: ISO 14443 Type A & B,
    all standardized rates up to 848 Kbps
    RFID functions ICAO Doc. 9303 LDS 1.7, ISO 18013 (Driver License)
    Contact Smart Card ISO 7816 Class A, AB and C, ISO 7816 & EMV2 2000 Level 1
    Authentication checks Printed vs. digital data comparison
    Connection type WIFI, Ethernet
    Upload protocols FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP, WS, WSS
    Web interface access via Firefox, Chrome, IE11, Edge, Safari on all operating systems
    Mechanical and Other Data
    Size (width × depth × height) 178 mm × 176 mm × 146 mm (7.01” × 6.93” × 5.75”)
    Weight 1.1 kg (2.43 lbs.)
    Operating Temperature 5 °C to 45 °C (45 °F to 113 °F)
    Operating Humidity 0-95 % (non-condensing)
    Power supply universal 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
    IP rate IP51
    Case Sturdy ABS-PC plastic
    Status indicators Four configurable status LEDs (blue, green, yellow, red)
    Security Kensington® security slot
    Window glass 4 mm (0.16”) tempered glass
    Compliances FCC, CE, WEEE, RoHS
    Maintenance No moving parts, maintenance-free operation
    Firmware Upgrade via Web interface
    Warranty 3-year warranty, upgradeable


    Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This document does not constitute an offer.


    The key difference between regular ARH scanners and the Combo Smart N is the location of data processing. While our standard scanners transfer the images to the PC for processing, Combo Smart N performs all functions on-board using the built-in processing unit. The scanner does not have to be installed on the user’s computer – instead, it can be accessed via a web browser. This makes it not just hardware-independent but ensures compatibility with all existing operating systems as well.

    As a first step, Combo Smart N scans 500 PPI images under different illuminations (visible white, infrared, UV) and performs ARH’s sophisticated image processing features like document crop, rotation, Reflection Removal, OVD visualization and optionally Adaptive Light Control as well. With the images prepared for data capturing, the OCR software takes over, recognizing not just MRZ lines but optionally VIZ data fields, too. Speaking about data reading, 1D/2D barcode recognition, contact chip and contactless chip (RFID) reading are also on the list. These functions are continuously updated for ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards.

    combo smart n, network connectivity
    All these functions are completed in just a few seconds. The results are bundled in data packages and transferred over the network to any pre-set IP location. The supported ways of communication are Ethernet and Wi-Fi and the available upload protocols for data transfer are FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WS and WSS. This way, all the scanned results can be stored at a network location as per the requirements of the given IT infrastructure.

    On the user’s side, operating the system is an ergonomic, easy-to-use experience – connect to the device’s web interface and check the scanned images and data reading results in live mode.

    Functions and options are customizable to the smallest details. In fact, the scanner’s interface can be modified according to the user’s convenience and personal preferences. Configure the layout of the application, colors, font types etc.

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