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Robust and fast ITS data storage middleware

Robust and fast ITS data storage middleware

Globessey® Data Server – GDS,

in simple terms, makes massive amounts of traffic data easily accessible. In a sense, it is an off-the-shelf product: easier and more economical to buy than to develop your own. GDS typically comes up in the context of a complete traffic monitoring solution, or Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) that was designed to detect and eliminate gridlocks, optimize traffic control, collect road toll and generally streamline transportation.

ARH’s ITS portfolio, in line with our Smart City concept, consists of two main parts: TrafficSpot® and GLOBESSEY® Data Server (GDS). TrafficSpot® is a measurement point that gathers complex traffic data by way of a multi-sensor traffic monitoring gantry, while GDS is the dedicated tool to make collected data available for various applications.

GDS has 3 key functions:

One: GDS offers virtually unlimited storage capacity for traffic related records. Just think of the amount of data gathered by traffic monitoring measurement points from an entire region or potentially a whole country, including images taken simultaneously by thousands of cameras. GDS is fast in saving data and can reliably store all of it, together with georedundancy and load-balancing.

Two: GDS can perform complex operations on stored data and make the results available for external systems (which can be 3rd party solutions as well) through standardized interfaces.

Three: GDS can instantly display data and statistics on its own graphical user interface (GUI) – even in your own language.

This dedicated graphical user interface, GDS GUI, is in fact a separate client program with its own local database, where users’ rights and access can be individually configured to the smallest details. You can customize the system via GDS GUI: in fact, one GDS can be configured to have multiple GUI’s, allowing you to design a system architecture of your choice. For instance, a road tolling system allows separate user interfaces for law enforcement, transportation and other authorities and tolling system, each with its own set of access hierarchy – you can set up all this without any programming skills. The interface is available via HTML browser, so there is no need for installation beyond the server.

Based on the data collected and processed by your ITS, you can automatically detect traffic violations, prevent accidents and increase the safety of the monitored roads. Besides traffic monitoring, ITS is perfect for enforcement purposes, as well as border control, toll collection, congestion charging, speed enforcement, weight and journey time measuring, stolen car hunting and many more.

In compliance with effective GDPR regulations, all data is stored and transmitted in an encrypted form and is automatically deleted periodically from GDS.

Although developed specifically as a data server for traffic monitoring systems, it can also receive other types of data. In addition to traffic data, GDS is your ideal solution for the storage and fast retrieval of any kind of mass data gathered by intelligent endpoints. One such area is a central database of personal data from identity documents – for banking (FINTECH), insurance companies, hotels and car rental agencies.

Additional Info

    • Storage capacity for traffic related data – without an upper limit
    • Parallel access to records for multiple business logics
    • Acting as the strong backbone of any Intelligent Transportation System

      • GDS provides solutions for common problems by:
        • Providing potentially infinitely scalable storage capacity
        • Web-based remote access for multiple simultaneous users
        • Customizable access to records, according to predefined roles
        • Highest level of data security also at the server side – thanks to the load balancer and geo-redundancy functions
        • The option to use it in your own language – by simply replacing the menu file

          • GDS is ideal for:
            • Managing ITS systems of an entire city/region/country
            • Basically any system using a massive amount of data and requiring parallel access to records
            • Integration into existing or planned 3rd party systems

              GDS receives standard, customizable independent data packages from various endpoints that are managed by a central server with secure SSL connections. The fast IP traffic in- and outflow is assured by xml or binary communication. The internal structure of the system is characterized by data redundancy through high-availability replication, clustered storage, highly efficient image storage and dynamic hardware scalability without maximum limits.

              Simultaneous end user applications are managed with standard interface and SDK. A wide selection of premade modules is also available for stolen vehicle search and other law enforcement or data management activities. The GUI allows highly effective remote operation and it reflects detailed conditions in real time. The user-friendly display provides maps, statistics and various fast, flexible searches with preset automation and export functions.

              Supported operating systems Windows (64 bit)
              Linux (64 bit)
              Supported Platforms x86_64 | PPC
              Minimum system requirements Project specific; contact ARH for more information
              Licensing Licensing based on CPU cores, core types, users, lanes, and number of devices. Contact ARH for a quote
              User interface HTML browser (GUI, web socket-based communication)
              Development Tools C#, .NET, Java
              Supported programming languages for Windows Visual Basic, .NET, Java
              Supported programming languages for Linux C/C++, C#, Java


              Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This document does not constitute an offer.

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