• ARH’s MicroCAM M402 enforcement cameras have been installed by TEN FORWARD on top of 260 police car for Thai Police.
ARH’s MicroCAM M402 enforcement cameras have been installed by TEN FORWARD on top of 260 police car for Thai Police.

Thai cop cars with ANPR cameras, #thanksARH!

Tuesday, 02 April 2019 10:09

Thai police recently acquired new ANPR cameras that will make roads and lives safer in Thailand: a set of smart cameras developed and manufactured by ARH are now installed on more than 200 police cars.

If you’re an innocent tourist or businessman in Thailand, and need the assistance of the Thai police, you’ll find them polite, professional and efficient. But the buzzing economy and thriving tourism of the country makes it harder for the cops to control road safety.

Thanks to the successful cooperation with ARH, roads will become safer and there will be fewer – and less serious – traffic accidents.

The cameras were installed by ARH’s partner TEN FORWARD, a systems integration company specializing in surveillance systems in Thailand since 2004. “In 2018, we have successfully integrated the ARH’s M402 cameras in the so-called Smart Police Vehicle project with a performance rate of 98%. ARH’s M402 camera has been installed on top of 260 police car for Thai Police to patrol in every city of Thailand to detect suspects,” Ten Forward said in a statement sent to ARH.

“It is with great pleasure that we recommend the ARH Technology which is a high level of value to our end user customers,” the statement added.

Because of spontaneity, vehicle identification in traffic flow is a lot more efficient tool in fighting crime and in the security industry in general than using fixed checkpoints. Fixed points are known in advance and avoided by offenders.

Identification in real time traffic requires special technology that works in a reliable way taking into consideration factors such as high speed and extreme light conditions (full darkness or glare, beams of vehicles coming upfront).

In the lack of physical triggers, only software-based image selection can be considered, fast and accurate processing is a must for real-time alerts. It needs a small camera that is robust yet lightweight, and is specifically designed for mobile OCR.

Thai police is on a path of modernization. The recent acquisition of smart traffic cameras made headlines. According to “The Phuket News”, ‘intelligent’ red-light traffic cameras installed at five key intersections in Phuket are functioning so efficiently that the budget for printing the tickets could not keep up, as reported by the Phuket Provincial Police.

With the 260 new ARH cameras taken into action, Thai cops can contribute more efficiently to the preservation of life, people will be more likely to fasten their seatbelts, respect red lights and observe speed limits.