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Automated Border Crossing gates for Hungary’s major airports

Friday, 18 January 2019 14:12

We are proud to announce that ARH’s prime technology – joining forces with field-tested solutions developed by secunet – is put to good use at Ferenc Liszt International Airport and Debrecen International Airport.

Hungary’s busiest airports welcome the installation of Automated Border Control gates (ABC gates or eGates) by ARH as a means to manage the steady increase of travelers. The multi-factor personal identification operating in the eGates involves biometric authentication of passengers during border control at both arrival and departure. In fact, e-passport reading and verification, combined with the biometric authentication and identification of passengers, goes beyond the context of homeland security: for many passengers arriving from outside the Schengen area, Hungary is the gateway to Europe – in this sense, Budapest is responsible for the safety and security of half a billion EU citizens.

ARH supports air terminals like Budapest Airport to optimize the reliable identification and flow of travelers – by establishing trusted biometric identity verification and authentication processes – with direct support from the Home Affairs Fund of the European Union. You may find project details below.

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