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Thursday, 10 May 2018 15:45
ParkIT System – vehicle access control based on License Plate Recognition ARH ARH

Mark your calendar: we are soon exhibiting at the annual event of the International Parking Institute. As tech innovator, manufacturer and supplier, we target parking and transportation professionals as well as systems integrators in the parking industry.

ParkIT System® = vehicle access control – based on license plate
If you are looking for a system that automatically allows entry based on the vehicle’s license plate, you are at the right place. Life is simple with ParkIT System®, our ALPR-based vehicle access control solution. It is a scalable and flexible system that works with – or without – chip and code, so it is your best bet for environments where it is not possible to equip vehicles with transponders or tags. Our ParkIT System® is a complete solution consisting of seamlessly cooperating hardware and software components: our purpose built 24/7 recognition camera, an optionally available pre-installed server and our proprietary application software – ready to serve you as the firm foundation of your business logic. ALPR based database matching, web access, multi-location support, thin client interface – ParkIT System is your ideal, customizable solution allowing seamless integration into any access control system.

The industry No. 1. ALPR engine
ParkIT System® is powered by the World’s No. 1 country independent, character independent license plate recognition engine, Carmen® ANPR, with 26 years of global market presence, worldwide references and over 28,000 different license plate types recognized in more than 190 countries. Also recognizing US state information, Carmen® ANPR has unmatched recognition rates – both in speed and accuracy.

NEW! Plug-and-play app extracts LPR data from any video stream
Capture license plate data from any video stream? A tall order for any ALPR system. Motivated by the challenge and capitalizing on our 27 years of experience, we have created the forward-thinking Carmen® GO, the plug and play License Plate Recognition software. Setup only takes a few clicks: link your camera stream(s) to Carmen® GO and you will get results directly from the stream. Carmen® GO is camera independent: you can use any IP camera from any vendor. The software is auto adaptive, offering the unrivalled benefit of self-adjustment in order to achieve optimal results. Carmen® GO will return the best possible result based on the given stream. Visit our youtube channel for more information.

Onboard ALPR redefined
ARH’s new third generation SmartCAM dual sensor / dual lens recognition camera represents a standalone traffic solution. The captured images are processed by industry-best, state-of-the-art Carmen® ANPR: no need to run another engine. The camera’s 2+4 core processing performance stands way above the forefront of the industry.

Additional city revenues
Ideal for parking districts and municipal parking management, ARH’s innovative on-the-move recognition camera is compact on the outside and big on the inside. Low-profile design, high-profile performance – our MicroCAM 402, the smart dashboard/rooftop LPR camera uses innovative VehDet technology for parking revenue collection and any other vehicle-mount deployments. Talk to our specialists to find out more after you watched this cool video!