• Congestion pricing: New York City starts congestion charging. Will other cities follow the trend?
Congestion pricing: New York City will introduce a daily fee for vehicles entering the inner city.

Do cities want congestion charging? The technology is in our hands

Tuesday, 09 April 2019 13:24

A recent project aimed at making New Yorkers pay a daily toll to enter the city that never sleeps sparked excitement and started discussions worldwide about the price we would and/or should pay in order to burn less fuel in congestions and help our children breathe cleaner air.

A campaign launched by non-profit advocacy firm Tri-State Transportation Campaign want New York City to implement congestion pricing on their roadways. If implemented, drivers on some of the busiest roads in Manhattan during peak hours would have to pay a surcharge; roads that usually are free would become toll roads.

First adopted by Singapore in 1975, congestion pricing has slowly become a go-to solution for cities plagued by heavy traffic, and has since been successfully adopted in Stockholm, London and Milan.

It is also an ever-recurring idea in Budapest, but the different Mayors and members of the political establishment have never had the will to implement the unpopular measure.

Does congestion pricing actually work? What technology is available to implement it? Find out from the second part of the article.

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