• passport scanner, passport reader, warranty arh, id verification, ARH
passport scanner, passport reader, warranty arh, id verification, ARH


Saturday, 15 September 2018 10:53

Every new software version release is an excellent opportunity for us to include new functions, to optimize operation and to fix bugs – should the software have any. You may receive this new software version as part of our recently extended update policy, offering you the option to update the software that comes with your scanner for a period of 3 years (see details at the end of this article).

Our latest version 2.1.8 is a milestone in the evolution of our passport reader software suites: its new easy-to-use API logic – formerly developed for .NET environments – is now available for C/C++ applications, to give you even more seamless system integration.

Besides this main new feature, multiple new functions have been added. Key new functions include, but are not limited to, these:

  • EXTENDED SUPPORT FOR TWAIN INTERFACE: additional imaging functions are added, new options are now available when scanning via TWAIN
  • UPGRADED RFID PACE SUPPORT: the new software is made fully compatible with the latest standards and e‑documents like the new Dutch e-driver’s license
  • IMPROVED 1D BARCODE READING that adaptively compensates for various printing deficiencies


In addition, we made some further improvements to our demo application:

  • DUPLEX / MULTI-PAGE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT has been added, allowing scanning and saving multiple pages of one specific document
  • PREVIEW FEATURE is now implemented for inspecting the live image of any connected scanner
  • ADAPTIVE LIGHT CONTROL, our ambient light removal function got included with an easy on/off switch
  • SAVE SETTINGS now include new options: user-friendly file naming and auto save features


We encourage you to switch to this latest – and best ever – passport reader software.

Have you heard about our latest warranty and software update policy? Recently, the standard 2-year period was increased to 3 years, giving real peace of mind for 1 extra year. For 3 years, you have the full manufacturer’s hardware warranty and software updates – or in other words, access to the latest software versions like this new 2.1.8!