• New ITS portfolio of ARH

New ITS portfolio of ARH

Friday, 16 June 2017 13:45
Single-gantry solution for free flowing traffic monitoringHigh capacity, scalable and flexible its middleware with dedicated gui for end user applications

Transportation has been putting an ever-growing load on road networks. More and more vehicles are bound to pose a risk for communities. By no means is it an easy task to keep track of road users and improve traffic safety.

The challenge is to keep 21st century transportation under control by means of technology. This is why ARH unveils new, all-encompassing ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) solutions: TrafficSpot® and Globessey® Data Server.

Traffic Monitoring

TrafficSpot® is a single-gantry, multi-lane on-site measurement management system. This intelligent traffic system is designed to monitor a wide range of vehicle attributes, such as speed, vehicle weight, journey time, and so on, by the intelligent management of various sensors (ANPR cameras, laser scanners, radars, etc.) in a modular design. It is a network of scalable, complete and fix traffic control points with self-monitoring function, encrypted data communication and several optional add-ons (e.g. DSRC, weather station, S.O.S. telephone, etc.) within one, integrated system.

TrafficSpot® automatically recognizes the number plates (ANPR), measures vehicle dimensions, optionally counts the axles of passing vehicles and classifies them into as many as 29 predefined categories. It can also check if the vehicle is authorized to use the given road section and if the drivers observe the traffic regulations.

Traffic Data Management

Globessey® Data Server (GDS), is a combined data server and middleware that gathers information from different endpoints (TrafficSpot®s) to make them available for various applications (which can be 3rd party solutions as well) through a standardized interface. It comes with a dedicated graphical user interface (GUI), where the operators can manage the processes and can produce statistics. The interface is available via a HTML browser, so there is no need for installation beyond the server.

Benefits of ARH ITS systems

Capitalizing on a wealth of collected and processed data, traffic violations can easily be detected. In other words, the ITS system prevents accidents and increases the safety of the monitored roads – via the deterring effect of efficient traffic enforcement. The system can be used for traffic monitoring, border control, electronic toll collection, congestion charging, bus lane and red light enforcement, speed enforcement, and it is perfect for weight and journey time measuring, stolen car detection – and many more.

Some unique features of the ARH ITS systems:

• single gantry layout with 100 % detection of passing vehicles and >98 % ANPR accuracy,

• local processing and local (encrypted) data storing,

• secured data transfer with low bandwidth usage,

• highest level of data security also at the server side thanks to the load balancer and geo-redundancy functions,

• cost efficiency thanks to the low server demand

• no need for external database license,

• full control possibility by definable user rights,

• open to 3rd party systems.

For more information on the TrafficSpot® and GDS systems, please watch our website and video presentations as well: TrafficSpot® and Globessey® Data Server (GDS).

Videos: TrafficSpot® and Globessey® Data Server (GDS).