LPR Academy – september-december 2016

Monday, 25 July 2016 14:34
LPR/ANPR training


ARH’s first and foremost goal is to share the industrial expertise accumulated in the course of relentless research and development that yielded ARH’s currently available product range.

Ideally, by the end of the training program, participants will gain insight into the adaptive nature of ARH products and solutions in general – and automatic number plate recognition in particular. Whether system integrators, administrators, users or novices to license plate recognition, trainees will benefit from the training. Sending companies will eventually economize on time, money and resources by facilitating optimal system design and thus enhancing system efficiency.

Upon their candidates’ successful achievement of course criteria, sending companies will officially gain Certified Partner status with ARH and as such will be entitled to premium support and services.

This is why ARH has launched a face-to-face form of instruction where in-house experts can share their insights with knowledge seekers directly: the LPR Academy.


• flexible and modular in design
• face-to-face training sessions
• on location at ARH’s Budapest headquarters
• certificates issued to individual participants and sending companies


ARH’s policy is to train one company at a time. An on-hand practical approach means demonstrations combined with Q&A sessions and end-of-module testing.


Training at the LPR Academy is modular in nature. The key concept is flexibility. The modular design and structure of the LPR Academy makes it possible to create custom tailored training experiences that best fit the needs of our Partners.


LPR Academy offers intensive training programs for small groups of participants to ensure that participants acquire practical and marketable skills.

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