ITS middleware, mass data

Who will benefit from the digital ecosystem of tomorrow?

Tuesday, 30 October 2018 15:47

With more people living in cities today than ever in human history, cities need to make the best use of existing infrastructure to manage key functions. Smart technologies, AI, IoT and Big Data will surely play a role in creating a digital ecosystem – while urban landscape must remain a pleasant environment.

The new version of ARH’s data server solution, Globessey® Data Server (GDS), offers the easy way to manage the gold mine of useful data generated in the city – and optimal use of your SmartCAM/TrafficSpot infrastructure. While most Smart City plans envision a mesh of networks, ARH’s recommendation is to make things simpler rather than more complex.

Rather than a multitude of separate data input systems, each with its own separate data storage – one for traffic monitoring, one for surveillance etc. – just save all captured data in a single unlimited-storage-capacity data middleware. Who will benefit from it? Automotive navigation, public transport, intelligent traffic lights, parking/toll companies, insurance companies, public safety organizations, police, fire protection – and more. The point: they use the same data server – and they can each access what is relevant for their own efficient operation, based on information privacy regulations. The benefit: optimal use of data infrastructure, public safety and security – plus extremely fast ROI.