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Free ANPR Download / Open Source ANPR

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 18:42

If you are looking for open source ANPR/LPR, you are at the right place.
ARH is committed to driving innovation. We help developers in many ways: we support teams working on ANPR-based applications. That is why we decided to provide Free ANPR source code (Free LPR, Open Source LPR). As a programmer, you will be able to integrate the code into your application.
Learn how to create applications using optical character recognition (OCR) by using ARH’s Free ANPR pack – including the ANPR source code!
Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Download the pack,
  2. Run the sample application and
  3. Test it with your own images.

Free ANPR source code is for applications using Latin characters (letters of the English alphabet and numbers). Several security systems are currently using the provided code, in many countries. On the other hand, ARH decided to disclose the source code as an entry level solution – mainly for learning purposes. If you are looking for a country independent ANPR solution with industry-leading recognition accuracy, try our CARMEN® ANPR SDK, offered for professional development purposes.

Free ANPR (Free LPR) Package contains:
  • Source code
  • Readme for developers
  • Imaging guide for ANPR
  • Sample program source code
  • Sample program exe file
  • Sample images and video

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