Seamless Asia 2017 Singapore


Thursday, 23 March 2017 10:05
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Fast developing technologes need solid, good quality data – like data extracted from ID cards and driving licenses. As a market leading independent manufacturer of passport readers, ARH’s intellect helps streamline registration and ID authentication as winds of changes bring new challenges for identity industries.

Identity and document check come up in the context of payments, e-commerce and retail – with application areas as diverse as banking, money exchange bureaus, hotel check-in, age verification in gaming or casinos, car rental, automated passport control or medical treatment.

The challenge is to keep up with the innovations and latest trends in issuing identity documents. Spotting counterfeit or tampered identity cards and driver’s licenses means keeping a threat under control. In short: we need precise data extraction and verification – which is exactly what a good ID reader does. Authentication is, in fact, a multi-step process where pattern matching, image capturing and RFID reading technologies join forces to perform a complete identification check and data recording – all done under 2 seconds by a dedicated ID scanning and authentication device.

At the Seamless Asia expo, ARH’s product lineup will include hot new options and proven solutions.

Full-page Kiosk Passport Reader has advanced imaging functions like Reflection Removal (RR) and OVD visualization. The smart design allows either horizontal or vertical placement of the document to find the ideal position of contactless (RFID) chip reading. The 100% cuboid shape and extremely small footprint make it ideal for any kiosk and e-gate integration.

ARH deploys innovative technology developed in house for easy data extraction and ID authentication.

An advanced version of Combo Smart with a built-in processing unit has a leading-edge feature that is the next logical step in the evolution of passport readers.

Passport Reading technology has a role in addressing the threats and opportunities – making sure today’s challenges are the opportunities of tomorrow. Take a sneak peek at the many advantages and benefits of ARH's world class products at Seamless Asia 2017.