ARH at Intersec Dubai 2017


Friday, 10 February 2017 09:48
ANPR/LPR, license plate recognition ANPR/LPR, roadside enforcement camera passport reader, ID scanner, passport authentication

This time ARH exhibited at the Dubai trade show to display and discuss the latest trends and developments in the world of ID authentication as well as ITS related technology.

Our showcase in Dubai included:

M402, ARH’s brand new unmanned license plate scanner on the move. Conveniently mounted on top of a patrol car, it captures and reads vehicle number plates on the spot. More details in this video.

S1, the ideal unmanned mobile roadside speed and traffic enforcement and monitoring tool. Whether inside a patrol vehicle or on a tripod, it is great for plate recognition and traffic violation enforcement – S1 can in fact replace several devices in traffic management and ITS.

TrafficSpot® , a single-gantry solution for free-flowing traffic monitoring. Whether used for road toll collection or as a component of an Intelligent Transportation System, it is a highly advanced monitoring tool better described in this video.

GLOBESSEY® Data Server, high capacity, scalable and flexible middleware for managing ITS: a combined data server, middleware and GUI.

Kiosk Smart, a passport reader with advanced imaging functions like Reflection Removal (RR) and OVD visualization. To learn more about the ID reading and authentication process, check out ARH’s new video.