ISC West 2017 Las Vegas


Monday, 06 March 2017 15:33
ANPR/LPR, license plate recognition ANPR/LPR software passport reader, ID scanner, passport authentication

Meet us again in Las Vegas as the ARH team showcases the latest LPR technology tools at ISC WEST! Can you guess the star of the show?

Low-profile design, high-profile performance – this is M402, the new mobile LPR smart camera! Ideal for law enforcement, parking management, and any other vehicle-mount deployments. Talk to our specialists to find out more after you watched this cool video.

ARH’s proprietary CARMEN® LPR license plate recognition software, is a uniquely fast and accurate tool for vehicle identification. It works equally well for reflective and non-reflective plates, and also standard and personalized plates – while including plate identification of all 50 US states and all provinces of Canada. One of the strongest features of this technology is its adaptability from country to country, which ensures that you can compete in projects with Latin characters, as well as Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and many more scripts. View this visual presentation to understand how CARMEN® works to deliver superior results!

Visitor management, immigration, customer registration, and age verification are just a few applications where Combo Smart outshines the competition as ARH’s advanced document reader. Even more impressive, the built-in passport reader feature deploys innovative technology developed in house for easy data extraction and ID authentication.

Another offering from our security minded team, our 4+4+2 flat or roll fingerprint scanner, the AFS 510, is a sturdy yet compact, easy-to-use, professional ten-print live scan solution that captures forensic quality fingerprints. Look at the specifications to see that the AFS 510 conveniently delivers enrolled fingerprint images that comply with strict U.S. biometric standards.

ARH’s workhorse, the versatile industrial IP camera, the FreewayCAM, is the ideal choice for multiple automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) applications including electronic tolling and traffic safety improvement – where superior reliability and accuracy of license plate capture are critical. The robust FreewayCAM, as well as its cousin the SmartCam2, tends to stand as the “go to” cameras for a strong percentage of our integrators for a variety of deployments.

Now, by demand, ARH’s ParkIT® System is a license plate based turnkey solution developed for vehicle access control at parking facilities and high security sites. Based on the deployment’s needs, ParkIT® System is customized to include all components: recognition cameras, server, and data management software. The software can be made accessible at separate credential levels for users and administrators, and can allow the import and export of vehicle data in Access/Excel format.

We welcome you to take this opportunity to discover the many advantages and benefits of ARH's world class image recognition products at ISC West 2017.