Intertraffic Mexico 2016, Mexico, MEX, Booth 327


Friday, 02 December 2016 16:48
ANPR/LPR software traffic analysis, speed camera, enforcement camera fixed point speed enforcement, average speed measurement, portable traffic enforcement, S1

This time we met at the global expo in Mexico to discuss recent trends and developments in the world of parking management, traffic safety and urban traffic management systems. Our partners and visitors had a chance to test the latest technologies and solutions.

CARMEN®, ARH’s very own ANPR engine, is among the best ones available to date. Applications utilizing ANPR technology are as diverse as tolling (e. g. vehicle access control, road toll collection, congestion charging), traffic enforcement (e.g. speed and red light enforcement), data collection for general safety (e.g. stolen vehicle recovery) and complex tasks (intelligent traffic systems, statistics) just to mention a few.

FreewayCAM is a versatile industrial IP camera primarily used in venues where a maintenance free 24/7 operation is a requirement. Typical areas include fare & toll systems, congestion management and traffic monitoring. The camera consistently captures high quality images in a variety of environments and light conditions in any traffic speed.

M402, an ANPR camera strategically placed atop a patrol car, is an all-in-one mobile recognition camera that ensures fast and reliable results 24/7. With its low profile and small size designed for vehicle rooftop installation, M402 is an ideal choice for mobile parking and mobile vehicle surveillance applications.

ParkIT® System guarantees intuitive and trouble-free vehicle access for tenants of parking lots. As the system is based on ANPR/LPR technology, no proxy card, RFID tag, key or code is necessary. This vehicle access control and management system is easily integrated into hotel or facility management systems, corporate parking or gated communities and facilitates administration with a wide range of convenient built-in configuration parameters.

TrafficSpot® is a single-gantry solution for free-flowing traffic monitoring. Whether used for road toll collection or as a component of an intelligent transportation system, it is a highly advanced monitoring tool with features like plate recognition, axle counting and measuring the outer dimensions of passing vehicles.

GLOBESSEY® Data Server is a high capacity, scalable and flexible middleware for managing ITS. It is a combined data server, middleware and GUI that gathers information from several endpoints and makes them available for various end user applications.

S1 is the ideal unmanned mobile roadside speed and traffic enforcement and monitoring tool. Whether placed inside a patrolling vehicle or on a tripod, it reads license plates, stores and transmits video and full-color still images of passing vehicles and recognizes traffic violation events – in multiple lanes at the same time. S1 can in fact replace several devices in traffic management and ITS.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to discover the many advantages and benefits of ARH's world class image recognition products. We’ve had a busy 3-day exhibition behind us but truly appreciated all of our visitors’ interests. As always, we encourage everyone to contact us with their questions.