ARH at Trustech 2016, Cannes, France


Thursday, 08 December 2016 11:19
ID, authentication, verification VIZ reading, MRZ reading, reflection removal, OVD marker

This time we met at the global event dedicated to trust-based industries in Cannes. Trust-based technologies need the firm foundation of solid, good quality data – like data extracted from ID’s and travel documents. As a market leading passport reader (PR) manufacturer, ARH’s intellect helps define new directions at a crossroads of change for identity industries.

The concept of identity and personal data come up in the context of e-government, smart borders and commerce/payment, with application areas as diverse as car rental, air travel, immigration, medical treatment, border control, age verification, hotel check-in, money exchange bureaus, and banking.

What is at stake? The challenges of acquiring good quality personal data. The key is precise data extraction and handling mass data. Authentication is a multi-step process where pattern matching, image capturing and RFID reading technologies join forces to perform a complete identification check and data recording – all done under 2 seconds by a dedicated ID scanning and authentication device.

At the Trustech trade show, ARH has demonstrated new and proven automatic document scanning solutions.

• New full-page Kiosk Passport Reader has advanced imaging functions like Reflection Removal (RR) and OVD visualization. The smart design allows various document orientations to find the ideal position of contactless (RFID) chip reading. The 100% cuboid shape and extremely small footprint makes it ideal for any kiosk and e-gate integration.

• The Combo Scan ID-1 card reader is now available with contactless (RFID) chip reading module.

• Complete OCR engine reads and authenticates all the information from almost every driver’s license, ID, passport and other ID documents.

Passport Reading technology has a role in addressing the threats and opportunities – making sure today’s challenges are the opportunities of tomorrow.