• ARH's passport readers and ID scanners now read personal documents using Cyrillic and Greek characters.
Optical Character Recognition of Greek and Cyrillic personal documents now processed by ARH's passport readers.

Cyrillic OCR in ARH passport readers

Tuesday, 05 March 2019 09:23

Cyrillic OCR

ARH’s Passport Reader software has now been extended with the Optical Character Recognition of the Cyrillic alphabet. In practice, from now on ARH’s software module can capture printed data from any identity document that uses the Cyrillic script. The personal document can be a passport as well as a driver’s license, a national photo ID or any locally issued identity document (including residence permits, student IDs etc.). Passport reader coverage includes – but is not limited to – Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Serbian and Kazakh identity documents as well as other regions where Cyrillic characters are used.

Greek OCR

Greek OCR support, another new feature, enables ARH passport readers to process identity documents issued in Greece and Cyprus.

Current OCR capabilities

ARH passport reader OCR software can now read:

  • Latin characters: dates and alphanumeric texts
  • Special characters based on the Latin alphabet (e.g. ö, ü, ñ and č)
  • Digits in Arabic identity documents
  • The Cyrillic alphabet
  • The Greek alphabet


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