• ID readers by ARH in 2019: how data capture technology and document authentication evolved in the past 10 years
The evolution of ID readers – major accomplishments by ARH in the development of ID scanners and passport readers in the last 10 years

The evolution of ID readers – major accomplishments by ARH

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 15:13

It is always nice to stop for a moment and look back to our past, see all the progress we did in 10 years. In our new miniseries we show some facts we are really proud of.

Has the ID reader industry changed in the last 10 years? In a recent ARH Linkedin miniseries we listed 5 key achievements accomplished since 2009.

ID reader manufacturing

Back in 2009, our scanners were manufactured in a fully manual way, relatively slow. Now we offer thousands/month producing capability with partially robotized processes – devices that come with a unique, 3-year standard warranty.

ARH ID readers are now produced in a robotized manufacturing plant with strict quality control by humans.

Optical Character Recognition in ID readers

Developing recognition of the VIZ fields added a new dimension to our MRZ OCR algorithm back in those days. Now we cover Latin alphabets and all Latin-based writing systems, in addition to Greek and Cyrillic texts and numbers, even from Arabic IDs.

Identity document scanning and Optical Character Recognition is done in a single step by ARH ID readers.

Design and form of ID readers

Remember the Kremlin scene in Mission Impossible with the large industrial scanner? That model required a PC connection for processing. Now, half the size, with integrated PC, we easily overperform its capabilities. Better looks and smarter devices.

E-passports have digitally encoded chip data -- captured by RFID antennas in ARH

RFID antenna in ID readers

To capture digital information encoded in the RFID chip of e-passports, you need an antenna. Designing our own RFID reading antenna was a major milestone – and having a BSI-certified RFID reading system is an even more remarkable success now. As e-passports evolve and new security features for ID authentication come into picture, we make sure that ARH technology always represents the latest industry standards.

ARH ID readers are characterized by small size, good looks and powerful document processing capabilities.

Illumination in ID readers

Illumination in 10 years ago, the majority of our scanners included a UV tube for authentication. They needed some burn-in time before usage and their lifetime was of course limited. Since then, imaging technology shifted gears; we switched to LED-based illuminations with reflection removal (anti-glare) feature, OVD visualization and added our Adaptive Light Control to ensure flawless operation in any light condition.

For the best results in data capture and ID verification, ARH ID readers apply visible white, IR and UV lights sources.