• #10yearchallenge ANPR: 5 major achievements by ARH
ANPR accomplishments by ARH since 2009

ANPR accomplishments since 2009 – #10yearchallenge by ARH

Tuesday, 07 May 2019 10:26

Has ANPR changed in the last 10 years? In a recent ARH Linkedin miniseries we listed 5 key ANPR achievements accomplished since 2009.

ANPR – license plate types

How many types of license plates are there in your country? While 10 years ago Carmen® ANPR by ARH could read about 5,000 types from around 100 countries, now it offers the safe recognition of close to 30,000 (!) license plate types from roughly 200 countries!


ANPR and key traffic data for ITS

Designing cameras got extended with developing complete solutions. It’s not just about providing camera and ANPR OCR software anymore, it is about ITS: complete traffic solutions with ANPR, speed and weight measurement, vehicle categorization, axle counting and so on.

All-round traffic data collected by ARH's traffic monitoring point

Non-intrusive, purely video-based virtual trigger for ANPR

Remember the time when having LPR usually required breaking the asphalt and installing hardware trigger loops? This is the past – our cameras now come with proprietary onboard Vehicle Detection, an adaptive software-based triggering solution. Let the traffic flow.

Vehicle detection by ARH serves as video-based trigger for ANPR.

ANPR cameras: imaging-only vs onboard plate reading

Cameras got much smarter! In the 2000s, IP cameras were a great breakthrough to offer network accessibility but LPR needed separate local or remote computing capacity. Now LPR is performed on the camera with various onboard features like Advanced Vision, Vehicle Detection & many more – no license plates remain unread.

ANPR onboard the camera -- imaging and image processing in one unit.

Complete ANPR from video streams – requiring no programming skills

Back then we provided only a Software Development Kit for Carmen® – suitable for well-prepared integrators to implement complex LPR systems. Today, Carmen® GO offers way more than that: a plug-and-play, vendor-agnostic application installed in 2 minutes, producing immediate LPR results – without any programming.

ARH's plug-and-play ANPR app empowers all users to apply Automatic Number Plate Recognition from live or recorded video stream.