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What’s new in ID reading in 2018? ARH helps you build up digital trust

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 10:13
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ARH – a leading provider of innovative ID document reading and verification solutions – unveils the latest products and features showcased at Trustech 2018.

USB scanner, network scanner – what are the differences?

ID documents are a treasure box of personal data – how to exploit it is both a challenge and a golden opportunity. This year has seen the launch of ARH’s new network scanner. Read a good comparison on USB scanners vs plug-and-play network scanners by an ARH expert of the field.

New software release

Issued in September 2018, our latest 2.1.8 version is a milestone in the evolution of our passport reader software suites – giving you added functions and even more seamless system integration.

ARH’s tech news

We are happy to inform you that ARH’s news page contains useful and informative news stories for the ID reader industry. Check out for all the content published in 2018.

Man and machine in physical access control and smart surveillance

ID document reading is commonly used for physical access control – in order to maintain public safety, corporate security, or minimize risks in restricted areas. This is where ARH’s most recent product line comes into the picture. ARH’s Intellio brand offers key components for smart surveillance systems: camera-side event recognition detectors and intelligent video management software. Human attention is limited – especially when focusing on monotonous tasks. Public safety with remote access is actually closer than you think: ARH’s Intellio brand redefines public safety and smart video analytics, with intelligence to ideally assist surveillance teams in their daily work. Smart video analytics is a safety power tool in the age of automatic event recognition. Camera-side detectors and server-side intelligence reliably recognize user-defined events – both in real-time streams and in stored footage. Smart surveillance systems like IntelliCity monitors and protects public safety. Also, ARH’s Intellio solutions are GDPR-ready.

3-year warranty on ARH products

We believe in what we create and stand behind our products with confidence. This is why we are proud to inform you that now all ARH passport readers come with an extended 3-year warranty, and a 3-year software update service period. The extension serves a sole purpose – peace of mind for ARH passport reader users. We’ll be pleased to see you at Trustech 2018. In the meantime, discover ARH’s current range of original ID document readers – or browse our complete catalog online.