• Passport readers and ID scanners showcased by ARH at Sdw 2018

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Monday, 04 June 2018 09:19

This June ARH is exhibiting at SDW in London, UK. This can remind you of the news spreading all over the Internet: the blue cover of British passports will return after Brexit. Whether the new passport has a burgundy or blue cover, ARH, a technology provider in the passport reading industry, can assure everybody that our scanners will read and authenticate it – no matter what color.

SDW aims to focus on government and citizen identity solutions, which is a really hot topic. In fact, never before was the role of identity confirmation as essential as it is today. As a global player in developing and delivering purpose-built passport readers, we do our share to enhance global safety. ARH is a one-stop supplier for ID reading & authentication solutions – with software and hardware development in one hand. Our proven solutions and many years of worldwide market presence enable us to read and verify all types of IDs, including driver’s licenses, ID cards and passports.

As for ID document processing, we have been thinking of options in system architecture – and defined 2 solutions:

  • conventional scanners, which capture images of the ID and forward them to a computer for processing via a USB connection;
  • all-in-one scanners, which process images on-board – and forward the results via the network.
Find out more about the multiple benefits of both arrangements before you design your system.

At the expo, exhibiting jointly with ANY, we are going to showcase our newest passport reader which is the all-in-one device described above, giving you the choice of document processing by the scanner itself. Combo Smart N offers complete OCR and RFID processing on-board. What’s more, onboard processes are directly accessible through a user-friendly interface via a web browser, smart phone, etc. Check the image below showing the scanner in action!

Why don’t you drop by our booth for a live demo?


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