ICAO 2018 Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP)

Tuesday, 16 October 2018 17:17
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ARH Sales Director Borbála Magyar shares her thoughts about passport reader technology, current trends in trust-based industries and developments in 2018.

Before focusing on tech news, let me start with a general question. Are people being replaced by technology – do you think border control will be automated by self-service kiosks?

You’ll never completely replace human workforce in any digital border control ecosystem – but you can always ideally support your personnel in their daily work with smart technology. We consider it a high priority to make the most of planned and existing systems. I mean, we are talking about critical applications like border control.

So it’s partly humans, partly technology. Then who is responsible for applying the best-of-breed ID technology to make our countries and cities safer, smarter and more sustainable?

All parties involved are responsible – to the best of their abilities. O.K., let’s take border crossing as an example. On the one hand, the operating personnel is responsible for using the full potentials of the available technology. On the other hand, we developers are responsible for creating easy-to-use, flawless equipment that works fast and reliably, recognizing all types of documents, extracting personal data, checking validity and data integrity, document authenticity – and all this could be happening at a congested border checkpoint that serves millions of passengers annually. The goal is to help immigration authorities keep up with the highest security standards while maintaining the flow of travelers. Everything has to be shipshape and in top working condition. To recap, what can we developers do? Deliver the best possible combination of high speed and high accuracy.

If it has to be fast and accurate, how easy is it to scan and validate an MRTD – whether it’s a passport or a country-specific ID?

We used to say data is just a click away. Now it’s even closer. You just place the travel document on the scanner and the reading starts in a blink of an eye! At ARH, we train our passport reader software to process all types of ICAO standard ID documents – even non-ICAO-conform ones. Which proves that if we really make our minds up about something, we can do it. It’s as simple as that.

How do you see the current trends and the future in trust-based industries?

Like anywhere else, IoT is expected to bring about major transformations. We are talking about a digital ecosystem. We can see a clear trend: a multitude of emerging technologies – finger, retina and face biometrics, neural network based smart chips.

We see mergers and acquisitions – do you think it happens with the aim of bringing technological cooperation and integration under the same roof?

We at ARH are determined to do our very best – in R&D, product development and manufacturing – while retaining our independence, flexibility, agility, sharp focus and quick response time. With all that said, we definitely live in a connected world. ARH is open to tech collaboration using common platforms. Personally, I believe that if we join forces, together we are stronger than any one of us on their own.

Can you share any news about ARH – anything that happened since the last ICAO event?

Well, 2018 has been a busy year at ARH’s product development in 2018. This September, ARH released the latest 2.1.8 software which features duplex scan mode, enhanced integration options like extended support for TWAIN interface and upgraded RFID PACE support, to name a few.
As for manufacturing, robotized Quality Assurance is today’s reality – and robotized manufacturing is expected to have a major positive impact on our portfolio in the very near future. In addition, ARH’s new training center will benefit company staff and business partners alike.

Any other good news for business partners?

We are now offering a full 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and software update with all our new readers.

So what’s in your suitcase – in prep for ICAO 2018?

At the ICAO event, we’ll be demoing ARH’s most popular scanner, Combo Smart – now in its network-connected model variety. As for current developments, we focus on offering plug-and-play solutions and boost intuitive end-user experience.

What do you say to visitors who, as we talk, are on their way to Montreal?

Come and see us. We are at Booth 27 at ICAO 2018. And in the meantime, you can always browse our complete catalog online – or watch this impressive visual presentation for a first look at ARH’s ID document reader technology in action.