• View a lineup of ID scanners and LPR cameras -- meet ARH
View a lineup of ID scanners and LPR cameras -- meet ARH

Safe and smart city – through license plate recognition and identity verification

Thursday, 21 March 2019 09:38

ARH’s solutions displayed at ISC West have been designed for fast and accurate automatic data capture including visitor identification, vehicle identification and event recognition. Use them wisely and in the long run ARH’s products will bring you safety, efficiency and prosperity.

Identity verification

Fast hotel check-in, automatic client registration in banks, seamless, efficient and safe visitor management – these are just a few areas where identity verification through ID scanning empowers companies and, at the same time, improves client experience. In fact, ARH’s passport readers are currently doing a great job at telecommunications companies as well as ABC gates at major international airports.


Automatic license plate recognition

ARH’s Intelligent Transportation Systems monitor traffic direction and speed, collecting and analyzing traffic data, forecasting and handling congestion, recognizing patterns of driver behavior – in other words, contributing to sustainable day-to-day transportation in the city and on the open road.


Edge LPR camera

What is edge LPR? A camera capable of reading license plates by itself. It has multiple fields of use ranging from toll collection to traffic monitoring and average speed measurement. Capturing license plates in extreme light conditions at virtually any speed, ARH’s purpose-built and field-tested SmartCAM series combines plate-optimized imaging with the world’s No. 1 License Plate Recognition engine running aboard the camera. SmartCAM is at the cutting edge of automatic License Plate Recognition.

Patrol car LPR for vehicle identification

ARH’s professional on-the-move plate recognition solution, specifically developed for patrol cars, is just the thing you need if you are looking for efficient vehicle monitoring in any traffic situation – for law enforcement, on-street parking and pay-by-plate toll collection. Practical features of ARH’s MicroCAM include real-time LPR results and live overview stream.

Standalone license plate recognition software

Have you ever thought about the practical solution of reading license plates directly from traffic video streams – with little or no equipment required?

Beside vehicle entry/exit systems and surveillance camera networks that maintain your security and safety, traffic data is a gold mine for marketing purposes, as well. In full compliance with data protection regulations, vehicle identification gives you valuable statistics on customer behavior: frequency of visits, returning customers, the differences between window shoppers and dedicated buyers, seasonal patterns, responses to marketing campaigns and more – all this done automatically and without a major upfront investment in costly infrastructure.

Read license plates directly from traffic video streams hassle free with ARH’s camera-independent, auto-adaptive Carmen® GO.

Build your own system hassle free with ARH’s camera-independent, auto-adaptive Carmen® GO.

A new approach to public safety

Human attention is limited – especially when focusing on monotonous tasks. ARH’s video management software represents the new standard in video analytics, with intelligence to ideally assist surveillance teams in their daily work. Public transport safety? Sports event security? Urban surveillance? Smart video analytics is a power tool to automatically spot user-defined events – both in real-time streams and in stored footage. ARH’s IVS4 monitors and protects mass sporting and cultural events at stadiums, offering a perfect solution for security challenges.

ARH offers complex solutions and dedicated devices to make your life better and safer: improved road safety, shorter congestion periods, high transportation efficiency, mobility and service reliability, reduced energy use, fewer negative environmental impacts, and bright prospects for economic development.

We hope to share professional insight with you at ISC West 2019. In the meantime, discover ARH’s current range of dedicated LPR cameras and speed cameras – or browse our complete catalog online.