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Meet ARH passport readers, ANPR cameras, ANPR software and smart CCTV solutions in Dubai

Passport readers, smart CCTV and ANPR solutions – Why data is the new oil

Monday, 07 January 2019 10:46

Data is the new oil. The Smart Cities of tomorrow are here – with a raging data thirst.

The bulk of data today is visual. Learn more about ARH’s field-tested Optical Character Recognition data harvest tools in 3 main areas:

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) and its field applications;
  • ID scanners / passport readers, and
  • Event-based smart CCTV systems applying video analytics.

Passport readers, smart CCTV and ANPR solutions – Why data is the new oil

Best Arabic LPR – License Plate Recognition by state-of-the-art OCR software

ARH’s cutting edge automatic License Plate Recognition technology is possibly the best on the planet – based on Artificial Intelligence and an up-to-date plate database: it has been designed for fast, industrial grade 24/7 operation – ideally matching ARH’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras.

Present in the United Arab Emirate since 1999, ARH offers LPR optimized for Arabic license plates: reads Arabic alphabet, recognizes and interprets plate color. ARH’s ANPR/LPR technology has been serving as a strong backbone of systems approved by SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency of Dubai – formerly known as DPS).

We keep an eye on trends and developments of the industry, including the smart plates tested in Dubai. Whichever way the industry goes, we are prepared.

ID – checked and verified by ARH’s document scanners

ARH passport readers and ID scanners offer optimal visitor flow and maintain public safety by fast and accurate data capture from ID cards and passports. Advanced readers also verify document authenticity by checking invisible security features and comparing printed data with RFID chip data in ePassports. Here’s a quick guide on how to pick the right scanner.

Event-based smart CCTV – for your surveillance system

Security is a growing concern for business, government and the public in general. To give you peace of mind, ARH’s Intellio brand deploys Artificial Intelligence in smart video surveillance networks to detect unwanted activities and send real-time alerts. Automatic event detection joins forces with your security personnel – spotting user-defined events in live or recorded video footage. Edge processing – camera-side intelligence – recognizes events onboard the camera, while ARH’s IVS software – or server-side intelligence – can effectively “smarten up” your existing CCTV system.

New in 2018 – enforcement camera with onboard ANPR; LPR from video stream

Like event-based smart CCTV systems, ARH’s new intelligent traffic enforcement camera also deploys advanced video technology to aid the daily enforcement work of traffic authorities. Automatic Incident Detection spots traffic violations like driving through red lights – or other user-defined offences via the configurable traffic violation feature. EnforceCAM saves manpower by reliably spotting traffic incidents.

ARH’s intuitive LPR for CCTV solution – launched in 2018 – represents a new approach to License Plate Recognition. Utilizing the World’s No. 1 Carmen® ANPR engine, the new Carmen® GO can be deployed in minutes, requires minimal technical background and is available for anyone with a camera and a computer. We are proud to share with you a success story: Caught on Camera – Carmen® GO Spots Burglars on ARH’s linkedIN page.

Join us at Intersec 2019 Dubai – talk to an ARH expert at Intersec to find out what we can do for you – or make use of ARH’s field-tested industry expertise on arh.hu as well as in Intertraffic World 2019.