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Intertraffic Amsterdam

ARH’s new star at the Amsterdam expo

Friday, 27 April 2018 16:59
ARH at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 - recap automatic number plate recognition software, plug and play LPR, ARH on-board ANPR/LPR camera, fixed ANPR camera, SmartCAM speed enforcement, speed camera, ARH S1

What was ARH’s star product at the Amsterdam expo? A game changer? A totally new concept? New software? A new solution? The next trend in plate recognition? A BIG announcement? A new milestone? A product launch to redefine ANPR as we know it?

All this. We wanted to give you some time to process the experience. ARH’s biggest news is Carmen® GO – our fresh-from-the-oven camera-independent plug-and-play license plate reading application.

To make life easier for anyone who wants to read car plates, ARH’s mission while creating Carmen® GO was to empower ANPR users by breaking down the setup barriers. If you are ready for a fresh new take on LPR and crave something smart, simple, and most of all, ready to deploy NOW, check out ARH’s easy-to-install, easy-to-operate revolutionary new self-optimizing app that captures license plates from live or recorded video streams, covered in Intertraffic Amsterdam Daily News.

As a developer-manufacturer of the software and hardware components of OCR and ANPR imaging devices for over 26 years, ARH designs and delivers innovative yet field tested solutions, including the world’s No 1 ANPR engine, dedicated cameras, passport readers and smart security solutions. Systems built on ARH’s intellect are utilized to monitor traffic, optimize traffic control, collect road toll and generally streamline transportation.

Besides Carmen® GO, at the Amsterdam expo we displayed two recognition cameras and a fully automatic speed and traffic enforcement tool.

The new SmartCAM is a modular ANPR camera with a built-in smart illuminator and a powerful industrial-grade computer with 2+4 cores to effortlessly handle even the most complex license plates. Due to the modular design, ARH is able to offer a wide range of SmartCAMs. Our dual lens dual sensor camera's primary lens and sensor focus on the license plate, while the second Overview lens makes sure that you won’t have to take your eyes off of the surroundings.

The new FreewayCAM is a fixed modular IP camera purpose-built for ANPR. It is a robust, sturdy workhorse camera which performs reliably in any weather or light conditions. It provides images ideal for ANPR even in high-speed traffic at zero visible light. The IP67 certified, vandal-proof, metal body houses a powerful computer running ARH’s one-of-a-kind – purely image-based – Vehicle Detection algorithm. As a result, passing vehicles are registered as individual events including image, license plate, time, location and speed data without the need to process every single frame. There are no lost events even when the license plate is damaged or missing.

ARH S1 has no competitors: it’s a speed camera, an ANPR camera and a traffic enforcement camera – all in one. S1 has multiple mounting options – roadside tripod, vehicle front seat or cargo area – for low-profile operation. Benefits include: complete portability; manual/automatic operation; onboard ANPR/LPR and data processing; certified speed detection; smart evidence photos and videos complete with number plate and time/location data. A unique feature: fully automated traffic offence detection including driving through red lights, driving in a bus lane or emergency lane and ignoring a no entry sign.

It was really great to see how much positive feedback and interest was generated by Carmen® GO – our most user-friendly product yet. Sign up to try the new app that extracts license plate data from any video stream of traffic – developed by ARH, the image recognition company – and realize that your traffic video is a valuable source of information.