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New Passport Reader software release by ARH demoed at Connect ID 2019.

ARH’s passport reader showcase at Connect:ID 2019

Tuesday, 16 April 2019 09:23

ARH’s passport reader and ID scanner showcase at the Connect:ID 2019 exhibition

How to do the most for Homeland Security? How to meet passenger expectations in an era of seamless mobility? How to use available technology most efficiently in customer registration? These are still the most important issues of the identity industry in a landscape of new regulations, evolving technology and connected systems.

The developer/manufacturer expertise of ARH helps to address these challenges. Our years of field-tested in-house know-how and worldwide market presence enable us to assist you with your next project in the identity industry.

Stop impostors at border crossing

ARH’s mission is to make this world a safer place by empowering borders in the new immigration landscape. In order to spot fraudulent attempts to enter a country illegally, we, as a solution provider, support authorities with up-to-date solutions for identity checks and travel document verification – ready to read and authenticate any document including the new US Identity document.

Neat little box for identity document processing

Data capture and verification onboard the passport reader? ARH’s latest passport reader Combo Smart N is a practical choice – it combines onboard processing with network connectivity.

New software and new alphabets

With the latest software release 2.1.8 and our continuously updated OCR + authentication database provide a solid foundation to read all the information from almost every driver’s license, ID, passport and other ID documents from all over the world. With Cyrillic alphabet support, ARH passport readers perform VIZ OCR on identity documents issued in Russia, the Ukraine and Balkan countries where slightly different versions of the Cyrillic alphabet is used. We also read and verify identity documents using the Greek alphabet.

We are from Europe

As an EU-based manufacturer, ARH keeps on eye on news relevant for the identity industry. Here is a short recap to understand how GPDR personal data protection regulations affect you if you are a company doing business in Europe. We also prepared an overview of the road ahead for new European Entry-Exit system (EES).

ARH passport reader certified by Germany

We are proud that ARH’s high-end passport reader PRMc and ARH’s Passport Reader and Verification software have been officially certified by the German information security authority BSI.

We are at Budapest Airport (BUD)

Landing at Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest any time soon? You are likely to pass through an Automated Border Crossing gate installed by ARH – in cooperation with industry partner secunet.

Passport reading technology has a role in spotting the threats and opportunities both governmental and commercial applications of identity verification – from smart borders, crime prevention and self-check-in through client registration and Know-Your-Customer schemes. Take this opportunity to discover the latest features of world class products by an independent, tech-driven company at Connect:ID 2019.