• unmanned ANPR, mobile enforcement camera, roadside speed camera
  • patrol vehicle camera, police car camera

Portable speed camera


 Speed cameras are used for speed measurement: they are used by police as an anti-speeding camera to catch offending vehicles. S1 works differently: it records each passing vehicle, registers its speed and license plate, takes a full-color image, detects violation events, adds a time stamp and a location stamp and creates a data package which it stores and forwards to a central database. Unlike a handheld speed gun or a typical police speed control device which needs operating personnel, S1 is fully self-operated. Once set up on location, it uses automatic number plate recognition technology to identify vehicles, takes still images or video, deploys event recognition to record their behaviour in traffic, uses its integral GPS to add location data and does all this without human intervention. Recorded data can be used real-time or later by authorities or electronic toll collection staff. Besides fighting speeding, S1 is ideal as an enforcement camera to detect violations like driving in a bus lane or emergency lane and ignoring a no entry sign. S1 also functions as a traffic monitoring tool counting traffic and spotting congestion or traffic jams. S1 can even recognize ADR (Hazmat) codes. Since it is a laser speed camera, S1 makes radar detectors obsolete. Besides improving traffic safety, it can be used for monitoring by road traffic control or can be part of smart traffic management known as Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). In short, S1 is so much more than a speed measurement camera or even a mobile speed camera to stop drivers for speeding. Why? See benefits below.
  • highly reliable real-time identification of each passing vehicle
  • data package of each passing event available online or offline, including full-color vehicle image and license plate
  • works on a tripod or from inside vehicle
  • laser beam trigger unseen by radar detectors
  • registers traffic violation events like speeding, illegal lane use or ignoring a no entry or one-way sign
  • anti-fraud / anti-corruption / no tamper design

ARH S1 is ideal for:
  • traffic enforcement
  • speed enforcement

ARH S1 combines license plate recognition, a 30× optical zoom camera, IR and LED illumination, communication, GPS, data processing and certified laser speed detection capabilities in a single portable unit. Its built-in motion detection, JPEG image/MJPEG stream output, internal image buffer and H.264 compression can provide up to ten times smaller video stream, which leads to less network traffic and smaller storage space.


Image capture Dual sensor solution
Sensors 1280 × 720 @ 30 frames/sec CCD
2048 × 1536 @ 20 frames/sec CMOS (Internal image processing)
Lens 30× optical zoom
Motorized iris, focus and zoom
Integrated IR filter changer
Auto brightness control
Output image format* JPEG with configurable labeling function
Output format JPEG, MJPEG stream, H.264
Output video format* H.264
ANPR range** Daytime up to 150 m / 492 ft (with CCD sensor)
Nighttime up to 100 m / 328 ft (environment-dependent)
*Another picture/video format possible
**Depending on plate type (reflective/non-reflective), character type, environmental conditions, target speed
Measurable distance interval up to 1200 m / 3937 ft @ reflective target
Measurable speed interval 10 – 300 km/h / 6 – 186 mph (for target distance between 25 – 600 m / 82 – 1968 ft)
Accuracy +/- 2 km/h / 1.2 mph (+/- 2 cm / 0.8 in)
Wavelength 905 nm
Eye safety class Class 1 / Class 1m (EN60825-1)
Laser beam divergence 3 mrad
Acquisition time 0.2 s
Type Integrated LED multi-wavelength illuminator
IR wavelength 760 nm / 850 nm
Power of IR illuminator 70 W / 220 W (impulse mode 400 µs pulse width)
Maximum range ~50 m / ~100 m (~164 ft / ~328 ft) (depending on reflective target)
CPU ARM Dual Core 2 × 766 Mhz +Intel Atom Quad Core E3845 @1.9GHz
Operating memory 1.5 GB + 4 GB (DDR3)
Storage memory 32 GB system + 128 GB SSD user space
WiFi Included
GPS Internal + External
Ethernet (1Gb) 1
1× service port (useable for certification) Optional
SMA (reserved for optional external 3G antenna) 1
Dimensions (L × W × H) 361 mm × 371 mm × 224 mm (14.2” × 14.6” × 8.8”)
Operating temperature -20 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F)
Starting temperature minimum -10 °C (14 °F)
IP rating IP 54
Weight (device) 10.2 kg (22.5 lb)
Housing Material Plastic-metal hybrid construction
Housing Color Black
Shield Color Blue
Mounting (device) Standard tripod mounting
Power supply 12 – 17 V DC
Consumption Typ: 25 W / max. 60 W
Internal battery capacity 36 Wh
External battery capacity 260 – 520 Wh (optional) (Typ. operating time 6-12 hours)


Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This document does not constitute an offer.


ARH S1 BROCHURE pdf Product description in PDF
RECOGNITION CAMERAS & SENSORS FAMILY pdf The complete list of all cameras and sensors
ARH PRODUCT CATALOG pdf Comprehensive brochure showcasing all of our traffic, license plate recognition, passport, travel document, ID reader and biometric (AFS/AFIS) products

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