CARMEN® Railway Code Recognition (UIC)

is created to extract and read the UIC numbers from rolling stocks. By recognizing the UIC codes on train cars, CARMEN® UIC provides unparalleled accuracy and rapidity for railway transportation applications. Commercial railway systems carrying materials, cargo or passengers can enter data without human input by offering automatic data entry and reporting for further processing. By automatically reading the UIC code numbers of railway wagons from an image or video signal for international and logistic operations, CARMEN® UIC facilitates the highest code processing efficiency. This enables railway systems to access important data of the contents of each wagon, as well as the date, time and location of the railway cars themselves.
CARMEN® UIC offers:
  • High accuracy and recognition rate to reduce data entry errors
  • Increased security and safety of transport units
  • Smooth and problem-free 24/7 operation
  • Easy installation through SDK; user-friendly API

CARMEN® UIC provides solution for common problems by:
  • Automated UIC code reading that saves time and resources
  • Faster, more accurate inventory tracking and surveillance
  • Safer and more secure railroads

CARMEN® UIC is ideal for:
  • Traffic and security system support
  • Business intelligence and video analytics

CARMEN® UIC offers the advantage with its ability to automatically read wagon numbers or UIC codes, while adapting to environmental changes for 24/7 operation. It is fast and easy with straightforward use with any hardware, compatible with any image source (analog / digital / still images / MJPEG video streams) and supports both Windows and Linux platforms. Its development libraries (DLL, SO) allow flexible integration through their SDK, and in server mode CARMEN® UIC is able to perform parallel processing and handling of unlimited camera inputs.


Purpose Automatic recognition of the railway vehicle ID numbers – am UIC wagon/coash number recognition software for various intelligent railroad management systems.
Supported operating systems Windows (32/64 bit) 
Linux (32/64 bit)
Supported platforms x86_32 | x86_64 |
Minimum system requirements 1 GHz CPU | 512 MB RAM | 1 GB HDD | free port/slot for NNC
Licensing One licence per application thread, multiple license/controller is available
Available neural controllers PCI 2.1 video capture card (FXVD4) 
PCI 2.1 card (FXMC) 
PCIe card (x1) 
USB 2.0 (internal is also available) 
Express card 34 (54 compatible) 
PC 104+ card
Input Still image from file or memory in any image format 
Live digital camera input
Output OCR data 
UIC number in ASCII text 
Position of the UIC code 
Confidence level in percentage 
Confidence levels for each characters 
ID of the best image 
Country ID and dimension information (optional)
Trigger Can be integrated with any trigger device (recommended when recognizing from live image stream) 
Software motion detection module is included
Supported programming languages under Windows C/C++, C# 
Visual Basic .NET 
Supported programming languages under Linux C/C++
In the box Development libraries: .dll, .so files 
Sample codes for each progamming language 
Neural network controller 
Comprehensive digital documentation on CD


Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This document does not constitute an offer.

CARMEN® UIC SOFTWARE BROCHURE pdficon   Product description in PDF
CARMEN® SOFTWARE VERSIONS icon   A comprehensive review of all CARMEN® software versions
ARH PRODUCT CATALOG pdficon   Comprehensive brochure showcasing all of our traffic, license plate recognition, passport, travel document, ID reader and biometric (AFS/AFIS) products

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