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is designed to read all vehicle license plate types in the world in any traffic speed. Toll collection and congestion charging systems, traffic monitoring and security, speed and journey time measurement, bus lane and traffic light enforcement, parking or access control and many other systems can benefit from the fast, exact, automatic identification and recognition capabilities of this ANPR/LPR engine.

CARMEN® ANPR reads license plates from many image sources remarkably fast and with the highest recognition accuracy in its class. It offers country-independent recognition of not only of Latin characters, but also Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, Thai and many more, as well as reflective, non-reflective, personalized and special interest plates that are typical in many U.S. states.
CARMEN® ANPR offers:
  • Industry-leading recognition accuracy
  • Country-independent license plate reading
  • Very fast processing speed


CARMEN® ANPR provides solution for common problems by:

  • Distorted plate image handling
  • Personalized and special interest license plate recognition
  • Easy installation through SDK


CARMEN® ANPR is ideal for:

  • Section speed control applications
  • Free-flow toll collection and traffic management
  • Parking management and access control
  • ITS and security systems


CARMEN® ANPR’s strength comes from its ability to automatically recognize virtually any license plate of vehicles in moving traffic, regardless of country, state or province, plate or character type, and adapts to environmental changes for 24/7 operation. It is fast and easy with straightforward use with any hardware, compatible with any image source (analog / digital / still images / MJPEG video streams) and supports both Windows and Linux platforms. Its development libraries (DLL, SO) allow flexible integration through their SDK, and in server mode CARMEN® ANPR is able to perform parallel processing and handling of unlimited camera inputs.


Purpose Automatic recognition of vehicle license plates – a number plate recognition software for various intelligent traffic systems, security and any access control environments.
Supported operating systems Windows (32/64 bit)
Linux (32/64 bit)
Supported platforms x86_32 | x86_64 | ARMv7 Cortex A8 and above | PPC
Minimum system requirements 1 GHz CPU | 512 MB RAM | 1 GB HDD | free port/slot for NNC
Licensing One license per application thread, multiple license/controller is available
Available neural controllers PCI 2.1 video capture card (FXVD4) 
PCI 2.1 card (FXMC) 
PCIe card (x1) 
USB 2.0 (internal is also available) 
Express card 34 (54 compatible) 
PC 104+ card
Input Still image from file or memory in any image format 
Live analog video input (PAL or NTSC) 
Live digital camera input
Output OCR data 
License plate number in ASCII/UNICODE text 
Position of the plate 
Confidence level in percentage 
Confidence levels for each characters 
List of further suggestions for each character 
Individual result for each plate on an image 
Color of plate (optional) 
Country ID (optional) 
Location of each plate on one image
Trigger Can be integrated with any trigger device (recommended when recognizing from live image stream) 
Software motion detection module is included
Supported programming languages under Windows C/C++, C# 
Visual Basic .NET 
Supported programming languages under Linux C/C++, Java
In the box Development libraries: .dll, .so files 
Demo application, sample codes for each programming language 
Neural network controller 
Comprehensive digital documentation on CD


Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This document does not constitute an offer.

How does automatic number plate recognition work? Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) or automatic license plate recognition (ALPR, LPR) as referred to in the US, is a specialized application in the field of optical character recognition (OCR). OCR, as a technology in general, transforms recorded images of printed characters, numbers and letters to digital text format for printing, duplication and data management.

license plate recognition demonstration imageIn practice car plate number registration occurs the following way: pictures or video streams of motor vehicles, which are recorded by CCTV networks or individual purpose-built IP cameras, fed to special license plate scanning software that recognizes the plate images and reads the characters printed on them. The ALPR result is forwarded to a processing unit that utilizes the gathered data for a designated purpose, such as access control, speed enforcement, toll collection, traffic analysis and vehicle identification.

The ANPR process normally takes no more than a few hundredth of a second, so it is possible to register multiple license plates by even a single camera and also in high-speed environments. Consistently successful ANPR/LPR, however, depends on many technological factors and the ability to adapt to several environmental variables.

license plate recognition demonstration imageThe license plate reading software primarily needs a workable image to localize and recognize the vehicle registration plate and to read its characters. In most cases ideal images are provided by systems that employ specifically designed cameras that are equipped with appropriate optics and internal or external lighting – a particularly important issue for surveillance in fast-moving traffic and constantly changing light conditions.

As opposed to cameras installed in controlled internal environments, a 24-hour operating traffic camera, for example, must possess flexible shutter control to adjust to the momentary changes in ambient light conditions, such as sun, rain, night and oncoming headlights. Car plate reading cameras operating outside almost always must be connected to high-power infrared (IR) light emitters (either internally or through an external illuminating unit) with the aim to reproduce workable images for automatic license plate recognition. The resulting ANPR system, with the help of the OCR software is normally able to record the plates of moving vehicles even at the speed of 300 km/h (186 mph) in any environment.


To find out more about how CARMEN® fits into the big picture – from triggering through dedicated license plate capture cameras all the way to end-user applications – go to carmen.hu.


Automated number plate scanners may be deployed at any place where vehicle access controlling, traffic and toll enforcement, license plate number registration and statistical applications are feasible through car plate reading. The unique feature of CARMEN® FreeFlow is its almost limitless range of utilization, due to the ANPR software’s near 100% rate of recognition and its country-independent software engine. As a core technology, ARH’s automatic license plate recognition software is designed to integrate into any application around the world regardless of the alphanumeric character type, form or color of car number plate or the environmental surroundings it encounters.


The CARMEN® FreeFlow ANPR software package contains the following components:

  • Automatic number plate recognition engine
  • Neural network controller
  • Functions libraries
  • Demo and test applications
  • Tutorial and sample applications both in executable and source code forms

Since image quality is one of the key factors to achieve successful license plate recognition and to avoid any incompatibility issues, CARMEN® FreeFlow can be installed with accompanying proprietary video capture card, which also serves as a neural network controller. The LPR software’s installation is further assisted by its SDK to any PC system that operates in Windows or Linux environment.


Find ot more about ARH’s established licensing and update policy including engine specific licenses, the non-expiration of individual licenses, description of the updating process and the availability of multiple licenses.


In order to accommodate diverse needs, ARH offers a whole range of CARMEN® engines. CARMEN® FreeFlow has a gigantic workload – potentially processing hundreds of thousand images per day –, while CARMEN® 5K/8K/11K have been designed to manage smaller tasks: they are cost effective versions of the same ALPR technology. Learn more about the currently available range of engines on the CARMEN® ANPR media page.


CARMEN® SOFTWARE VERSIONS pdf icon   A comprehensive review of all CARMEN® software versions
ARH PRODUCT CATALOG pdf   Comprehensive brochure showcasing all of our traffic, license plate recognition, passport, travel document, ID reader and biometric (AFS/AFIS) products

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