is a variable sensing and monitoring system installed on a single, fixed detection point (i.e.: traffic gantry or bridge) for accurate surveillance and data gathering. The standard list of components includes: radar, laser, overview camera, DSRC antenna and industry-leading CARMEN® ANPR/LPR software.


The additional onboard processing unit intelligently computes all measured and detected data; marks each vehicle-related event with a timestamp, location and lane identification; bundles the gathered data in an encrypted package and finally sends it to a pre-designated central location.

TrafficSpot offers:
  • All necessary traffic information gathering and processing on single a location


TrafficSpot provides solution for common problems by:

  • Simple maintenance
  • Quick ROI
  • Modular scalability; cost effective installation and customization


TrafficSpot is ideal for:
  • Toll collection, speed enforcement, journey time measurement

TrafficSpot® detects all passing vehicles with three separate types of devices: radar trigger, virtual loop and laser trigger. The TÜV-audited 98.5%+ accuracy attests high detection rate even during heavy traffic, limited visibility and at speeds of up to 250 km/h (155 mph). The purpose-built hardware provides secure data retention and continued functioning offline for at least five days, IP-based communication, efficient data compression and upload. Each necessary data set bundled in a single event package for Globessey® Data Server (GDS) where all monitoring and component management can also be executed.

Available sensors:

  • Doppler-radar (hardware trigger, vehicle-type categorization and certifiable speed detection)
  • FreewayCAM front and rear view ANPR/LPR camera
  • FreewayCAM overview camera
  • 3D laser scanner (triggering, vehicle-type categorization)
  • Side view optical scanner (axle count)
  • DSRC antenna
  • CARMEN® ANPR/LPR software (Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic, etc. characters)
  • Other sensors available on request

Typical data structure:

  • Text data: location ID, event ID, lane ID, GPS location and timestamp, vehicle plate country code, front and rear number/license plate, vehicle category, axle count, speed, onboard unit (OBU) data, verification
  • Optical data: front and rear vehicle plate; front view, rear view and overview
  • Data Output: xml, binary


Recommended installation height: 6 m; max. 10 m (20 feet max. 32 feet)
Typical lane width: 4 m (13 feet)
Operating temperature: -30 °C to +65 °C (-22 °F to +149 °F); from -50 °C (-58 °F) with auxiliary heating
IP rating: IP65
Speed limit: up to 250 km/h (155 mph)


Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This document does not constitute an offer.


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ARH PRODUCT CATALOG pdf   Comprehensive brochure showcasing all of our traffic, license plate recognition, passport, travel document, ID reader and biometric (AFS/AFIS) products

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