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Versatile high-resolution ID reader unveiled in Atlanta

Friday, 13 March 2015 10:08

ARH responded to its customers’ demands by updating PRMc with higher resolution and by adding more new functions.

ARH America (ARA) has introduced the revamped PRMc multi-purpose digital ID scanner in Atlanta during ASIS International last fall. The updated device is already very popular among systems integrators because of its ability to read in full page all US state IDs, driver licenses and all other countries’ passports that are accepted at the nation’s border crossings.

“We responded to our customers’ demands when updated PRMc with higher resolution and by adding a couple of new functions,” the sales director of ARA said. “We had to make sure that the reader is able to utilize the latest security features on newer IDs to remain a top-of-the-line product,” he remarked.

The widespread use of PRMc is the result of its unique ability to simplify and automate most identity document verifications and data extractions. It is ideal for any application from border control to security and at commercial environments such as banks, hotels, rental and retail locations. The scanner’s robust design and its tempered glass reading surface also assure flawless functioning in any mission critical operation. Several of ARA’s partners may also find it interesting that OEM versions and other hardware configurations of the reader are readily available following a simple request.