Secure and Speedy Identity Document Processing in Hotels

Friday, 13 March 2015 10:02

As the latest series of security breaches came to light on U.S. retailers’ IT systems, many customers are rightfully asking, “Just how safe are my personal and financial data in the hand of these stores?” Target, Home Depot and others were apparently attacked by different variants of POS malware, which after had been implanted on their servers, it sought out the systems’ vulnerabilities and in the course of several months slowly gained access to profitable information, ars technica reported.

In the age of massive hackings and widespread identity thefts, consumers have every reason to worry when they hand over their driver licenses, passports or other identity documents. Although the type of attack the large American chains suffered from is relatively sophisticated, many systems in the hospitality industry are similarly inadequate when it comes to data input and management. In many individual hotels and even in chains, all information is still manually entered during guest registration, causing unnecessary delays and exposing them to human error or deliberate malfeasance.

ARH has been furnishing various government and commercial entities with fast and secure automated ID data entry solutions for over a decade. Through its network of systems integrators in more than 200 countries, the company has been providing not just speed and peace of mind through fast data capture and automatic document authentication but also the needed convenience for its partners’ customers. The helpful feature of ARH’s readers is that while they capture all necessary data and automatically populate the required online forms, the devices also execute a full authentication based on visible, machine readable and electronic information contained on a given document.

In one of the company’s latest project, a partner provided document readers to a chain of hotels in Croatia and neighboring countries with the specific aim to speed up guest check-ins and secure client data in a closed system by eliminating manual inputs at the reception desks. The resulting final setup was tested in a real-life environment and demonstrated that document data capturing took two seconds in average and completing the administration part of check-in was done in little more than 20 seconds.

Because the furnished readers’ unique features allow the acceptance of virtually any type or origin of common identity documents, whether they are national IDs, driver licenses or passports, guest registration became a simple and convenient process. Also, since the readers scan the full page of even passports, the hotels’ security requirements of registration is immediately fulfilled by assuring that the guests truly are who they claim to be.

These compact but powerful units scan and store the face photos and check for markers of counterfeiting by using three different light wavelengths; verify the invisible security features and compare the optical, MRZ and electronic information embedded in the IDs. The other great advantage of these readers is their ease of connectivity by requiring only USB connection.

With their cutting edge features and simple setup, the ARH offered document readers provide the needed benefits of speed, security and convenience the hospitality industry generally needs. Automated identity document handling and data management is the solution for visiting guest to enjoy a peace of mind and for hotels to achieve proficient data management.