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Globessey Data Server Debuts in Detroit

Friday, 13 March 2015 10:10

After almost two years of full functionality, ARH demonstrated it newest creation to a broader audience at ITS World Congress in Detroit.

ARH demonstrated its new integrated traffic system, Globessey® Data Server, in Detroit last fall at the 2014 ITS World Congress. The new ITS middleware surpasses any that have come before in its elegance, simplicity and, one might say, in striking visual aesthetics. This complex yet surprisingly handy purpose-built network engine has been fully functional for more two years, and that is why the developers of ARH were so excited to show their newest creation to a broader audience at ITS World Congress in Detroit.

“We brought an entire system online – including the installation of four thousand miles of road gantries and connected data network – in less than three months,” Laszlo Kis, the CEO of the company said. “This is definitely a first in the world of ITS; that’s why we’re so thrilled to show Globessey® to our partners and peers in the business,” he said.

When the system was first developed, it was part of an EU project for the Hungarian public road tolling system, HU-GO. But because the installed roadside gantries were far more capable than merely gathering data for tolling, other state agencies also showed interest in the network.

Many of the features of Globessey®, its dynamic scalability, geo-redundancy, incredibly fast response rate, and adeptness to serve many end users simultaneously with its preloaded modules and through its simple graphical interface, were thoroughly tested and passed with flying colors when the separate entities linked to ARH’s ITS. While the tolling agency collected its fees, test showed that the network can also perform speed enforcements, run stolen vehicle checks, gather traffic statistics, and execute other modular functions with the aid of the stationary TrafficSpot® gantries, MobilSpot® rolling units and the Globessey® Data Server all at the same time.

“When we saw how well everything worked, we knew we had something truly hot in our hands,” Mr. Kis said referring to Globessey®. “We first debuted in Amsterdam earlier this year, but wanted to present the system separately on American soil as well.”

ARH, besides displaying its new ITS system on the other side of the Atlantic for the first time, also presented its third-generation single-gantry, TrafficSpot®, robust industrial-built cameras, various sensors and OCR engines at the ITS World Congress in Detroit last September. A simple demonstration video of the Globessey® Data Server is already available on the company’s YouTube channel for the ones who missed getting to the venue last fall.