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ARH at the Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress 2017

Tuesday, 24 October 2017 13:47
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An Intelligent Transportation System has many benefits: it collects valuable data on traffic, helps reduce congestion, and is in fact capable of doing much more than that.

ARH has been driving innovation in Intelligent Transportation Systems. As an independent developer of the software and hardware components of imaging devices for over 26 years, ARH designs, manufactures and delivers innovative yet field tested systems that help traffic management authorities (or highway management organizations) to monitor traffic, optimize traffic control, collect road toll and generally streamline transportation. ARH’s ITS product development is in line with a new Smart City endeavor: to automatically forecast, recognize and manage challenging traffic issues.

Three of the company's established integrated traffic management solutions will be demonstrated at the expo.

TrafficSpot® is a single-gantry, multi-lane middleware from ARH that can monitor both free-flow and stop-and-go traffic. While applying non-intrusive technology, TrafficSpot® has a 100% vehicle detection rate. Each passing vehicle is classified into one of 28 predefined vehicle categories. It utilizes both radar sensors as well as purpose-made cameras for accurate ALPR and ADR recognition. Traffic data is sent into a central database. ARH’s no-loop entirely video-stream-based ITS is a flexibly customizable turnkey solution with the benefit of being platform-independent – ready to be integrated to any local or national infrastructure of traffic management or toll collection system.

Find out more about ARH’s ITS here.

is a high capacity, scalable and flexible ITS middleware with a dedicated GUI, a health-monitoring module, geo-redundant data storage with load balancer and API for end-user applications that helps you manage critical traffic situations.

Multiple traffic points will generate millions of data packages per day. This much data needs a dedicated data server designed for the task. ARH’s Globessey Data Server (GDS) middleware is a flexible, yet robust and super-fast central system to store all records, including images – virtually unlimited amounts of traffic data. A great, intuitive User Interface provides real-time accurate data on traffic flow, the status of the system (health-monitoring) or statistics – depending on your project needs.

Take a traffic point’s complex multi-lane monitoring capabilities – and compress it into a portable device. ARH’s S1 is more than just an ANPR/LPR speed camera. It operates without human assistance, collects and stores data automatically and forwards these results as real-time data packages into a database center. S1 is even capable of detecting traffic offences. No rival product offers such complex traffic monitoring.

Take this opportunity to absorb fresh thinking about Big Data, Safe City, IoT and the still unrealized potentials of transportation management.