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Monday, 03 July 2017 17:06
Biometric Security Technologies for Border and Immigration License Plate Recognition, Readers and Verifiers ARH’s enforcement cam

Personal identity is critical in homeland security, immigration and law enforcement in a borderless world and an age of globalization. ARH’s passport authentication software and anti-counterfeiting solutions are used in multiple physical access control and security systems. ARH document authenticity control equipment can be trusted to handle the entire process from image and data capture to biometric data analysis for border control and immigration. ARH’s ID reader portfolio features standalone and built-in ID readers, ranging from USB-powered units to self-registration kiosks and fingerprint scanners like ARH’s AFS 510 that capture forensic quality fingerprints complying with strict U.S. biometric standards.

As a police car camera mounted on the patrol vehicle’s rooftop or dashboard, compact ANPR cameras or license plate cameras can in fact capture oncoming or parked vehicles’ license plate data while the camera itself is in motion. Checking plate numbers against a database of blacklisted vehicles and alerting staff real-time, these cameras are efficient for stolen vehicle detection and recovery. ARH’s latest models in mobile ANPR technology are the microcam M402/202 patrol car camera series.

Portable speed and traffic enforcement cameras record each passing vehicle, register its speed and license plate, take a full-color image, detect violation events, add a time stamp and a location stamp and create a data package which they store and forward to a central database – to be used real-time or later by authorities. Detected traffic violations include: speeding, driving in a bus lane or an emergency lane, solid line crossing and DO NOT ENTER violation detection. ARH’s enforcement cam, S1, does all the above and as an ANPR camera, its forte is fast and highly accurate Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

A traffic data collection point is typically a multi-sensor single-gantry traffic monitoring endpoint that automatically recognizes the number plates (LPR/ANPR), measures vehicle dimensions, counts the axles of passing vehicles and classifies the vehicle according to predefined categories. Traffic data collection points conveniently function as buildings block of Intelligent Transportation Systems. A prime example is ARH’s TrafficSpot® .

The main challenge of surveillance systems is too much data, too many details. The way out? Intelligent tools. Server-side smart event browsers will search vast archives of recorded video footage to help you find a specific event in a matter of seconds. Even better, camera-side onboard detectors will send an alert real-time (including tripwire, sabotage and stolen object detection). More info about Intellio home guard in this video presentation.

In summary, ARH deploys innovative technology developed in house for easy data extraction and ID authentication. We welcome you to take this opportunity to discover the many advantages and benefits of ARH's world class image recognition technology at Interpol World 2017.