Connect:ID, Washington


Wednesday, 19 April 2017 15:01
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Personal identity management is a critical issue in an increasingly broad context, from homeland security, immigration and law enforcement, all the way to travel, transportation, lodging, banking, and even retail applications.

ARH passport & ID scanners are used in various physical access control and commercial security systems. Our devices are trusted to handle the entire process from image and data capture to document authentication and data transfer management. ARH’s product portfolio features standalone and built-in ID readers, ranging from USB-powered units to self-registration kiosks and fingerprint scanners.

ARH proudly presents PRMc as ARH’s flagship Passport/ID scanner device that stands out among the competition with the most comprehensive set of features. This advanced document reader device is trusted throughout the world in a variety of application areas extending from visitor management and immigration to customer registration and age verification. Even more impressive, the passport reader feature deploys innovative technology for the visualization of paper watermarks.

Biometric identity technologies offer a strong additional security layer beside ID documents. As a result, our team of biometric security developers has been perfecting our 4+4+2 flat or roll fingerprint scanner, the AFS 510. The sturdy design is remarkably easy to use, which is the foundation of this professional ten-print live scan solution that captures forensic quality fingerprints. Look at the specifications to see how the robust technology of the AFS 510 conveniently delivers enrolled fingerprint images that comply with strict U.S. biometric standards.

ARH has a solid background in the recognition industry with over 25 years of R&D experience. We believe that conducting all of our product development and manufacturing in Europe is a key source of our strength, and our worldwide presence the proof of that concept. As the words in our name suggest, Adaptive Recognition stands for flexibility, which we consider to be our cornerstone founding principle. Our portfolio therefore includes perfectly tailored configurations from core OCR engine to integrated turnkey solutions. ARH offers solid, reliable solutions with extended warranty and outstanding support services.

We welcome you to take this opportunity to discover the many advantages and benefits of ARH's world class image recognition products at Connect: ID 2017.