• IFSEC LONDON 2018, global security, ANPR/LPR, GDPR, arh, www.ifsec.events/international/
IFSEC LONDON 2018, global security, ANPR/LPR, GDPR, arh, www.ifsec.events/international/

At ARH, we believe in taking a global approach to security

Tuesday, 29 May 2018 14:54
Carmen GO – plug and play LPR software MicroCAM – mobile ANPR camera Combo Smart N – on-board id and passport scanner  Intellio – security video surveillance

We have carefully crafted what we believe are the finest ID scanning and license plate reading technologies the recognition industry has ever seen. Now we are prepared to share our field tested in-depth expertise with you at the upcoming IFSEC International expo!

Plug-and-play ANPR data – directly from video stream
Number plate data extracted from any video stream? A tall order for any ANPR system. Motivated by the challenge and capitalizing on our 27 years of experience, we have created the forward-thinking Carmen® GO, the plug and play Automatic Number Plate Recognition software. Setup only takes a few clicks: link your camera stream(s) to CARMEN® GO and you will get results directly from the stream. CARMEN® GO is camera independent: you can use any IP camera from any vendor. The software is auto adaptive, offering the unrivalled benefit of self-adjustment in order to achieve optimal results. CARMEN® GO will return the best possible result based on the given stream.

The world’s No. 1 plate recognition engine
ARH’s proprietary CARMEN® ANPR license plate recognition software is a uniquely fast and accurate tool for vehicle identification. It works equally well for reflective and non-reflective plates, and also standard and personalized plates. One of the strongest features of this neural network based technology is its adaptability from country to country, which ensures that you can compete in projects with Latin characters, as well as Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and many more scripts. View carmen.hu to understand how CARMEN® works to deliver superior results!

On-the-move plate recognition camera
Low-profile design, high-profile performance – this is ARH’s MicroCAM, the mobile smart ANPR camera! Whether operating from the top of the patrol vehicle or from behind the windscreen, MicroCAM is ideal for law enforcement, parking management, and any other vehicle-mount deployments. Talk to our specialists to find out more after you watched this cool video!

ID scanning and verification – inside the scanner
Border control, immigration and age verification are just a few applications where network-connected Combo Smart N outshines the competition as ARH’s advanced identity check passport reader. Even more impressive, Combo Smart N the passport reader runs innovative technology onboard – our solution developed in-house for easy data extraction and ID authentication. We believe in what we create and stand behind our products with confidence. As a true sign of ARH product reliability, all of our passport readers purchased now come with 3 years of software update and full warranty.

Intelligent security surveillance – pure video analytics
A well-known limitation to all security systems is human attention span. ARH’s Intellio brand includes complex surveillance systems featuring cameras and video analytics software. Camera-side detectors and server-side intelligence reliably recognize user-defined events – both in real-time streams and in stored footage. Smart surveillance system IntelliSport monitors and protects mass sporting and cultural events at stadiums, offering a perfect solution for security challenges. Also, Intellio solutions are GDPR ready.

GDPR – we’re all in the same boat
With the new EU regulations taking effect, we’ve been thinking and here’s the solution: ARH offers worry-free GDPR-compliant traffic monitoring and number plate recognition systems.

Toward the future in safety
We all have a part to play in global security. As technology providers, we would like to make this world a safer place.