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ARH ID readers showcased in Nigeria

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 13:23
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Never before was the role of identity confirmation as cardinal as it is today. As an independent market leader in the passport reading and verification market, joining forces with ID design specialist and industry friend ANY, ARH’s intellect helps define new directions at the crossroads of identity management industries.

Border control relies on effective passport check and authentication. To provide full leverage, ARH supports authorities by providing field-tested reliable and advanced solutions for identity checks and travel document verification.

So what is it that we have been working on lately?

  • A brand new passport reader with onboard document processing. With built-in PC and webserver, Combo Smart N offers the functionality of complete OCR and RFID processing on-board, without the need of an additional PC connection. It provides a network accessible ID scanning solution to any work environment where such stand-alone devices are required. The gathered data is accessible via any web browser using HTTPS and other communication protocols.
  • A new feature of ARH’s passport readers is Adaptive Light Control – an innovative software-based solution that will effectively seal off your passport scanner from stray ambient light.
  • Latest & updated OCR + authentication database to read all the information from almost every driver’s license, ID, passport and other ID documents from all over the world.
Passport reading technology has a role in addressing the challenges and opportunities in all walks of life. Application areas range from document production, through humanitarian assistance, population register, election technology and health care all the way to bank credit referencing via identity check and authentication. Take this opportunity to discover the latest features of ARH's world class products at ID4Africa 2018.