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Connect:id Washington, www.connectidexpo.com

ARH’s identification solutions at the Connect:ID 2018 exhibition

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 13:43
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As a global player in developing and delivering purpose-built passport readers, ARH is a one-stop supplier for ID reading & authentication solutions – with software and hardware development in one hand. Our years of field-tested in-house expertise and worldwide market presence enable us to read and verify all types of IDs, including driver’s licenses, passport cards and passports.

ARH’s mission is to make this world a safer place by empowering borders in the new immigration landscape. While some sources question whether authorities are making the most of currently available ID verification potentials?, we, as a solution provider, support authorities with up-to-date solutions for identity checks and travel document verification.

Device-centric or server-centric data capture and verification? ARH’s brand new passport reader gives you the choice of onboard document processing. Combo Smart N offers complete OCR and RFID processing on-board: the captured data is accessible via a web browser using HTTPS and other communication protocols.

A new feature of ARH’s passport readers is Adaptive Light Control – an innovative software-based solution that will effectively seal off your passport scanner from stray ambient light.

Our continuously updated OCR + authentication database is a solid foundation to read all the information from almost every driver’s license, ID, passport and other ID documents from all over the world.

At ARH we believe in what we create and stand behind our products with confidence. As a true sign of product reliability, all of our passport readers purchased from now on come with 3 years of full manufacturer's warranty, and 3 years of update service period on all standard software.

Passport reading technology has a role in identifying the threats and opportunities – smart borders, crime prevention, self-check-in and biometrics for identity check and authentication. Take this opportunity to discover the latest features of world class products by an independent, tech-driven company at Connect:ID 2018.