• Intersec Dubai, intersecexpo,  ARH
Intersec Dubai, intersecexpo,  ARH

ARH exhibits at the international security expo in Dubai

Thursday, 04 January 2018 15:09
traffic enforcement, Speedway3 Microcam M402, police car camera  S1 – speed enforcement

This time ARH is an exhibitor at the Dubai trade show to display and discuss the latest trends and developments in the world of security, safety and defence. ARH’s ANPR technology has been serving as a strong backbone of systems approved by SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency of Dubai – formerly known as DPS).

Fixed Camera for Plate Recognition
FreewayCAM is ARH’s field-tested dependable robust IP camera: a specialized ANPR camera, superior for this purpose, the result of decades of development – automatic day/night switch, radar-ready, tested to read reflective/non-reflective/color plates up to a speed of 255 km/h (158 mph). The camera has full remote access: zoom, iris, illumination settings and on-board analytics. New on the show is FreewayCAM3 with precious new features.

Patrol Car Camera
ARH’s latest unmanned license plate camera, MicroCAM M402, is conveniently mounted on top of a patrol car: it captures and reads vehicle number plates while the patrol car itself is on the move. No need for separate ANPR software or external vehicle detection sensor. Unlike traditional police car cameras, supercompact MicroCAM comes complete with all-inclusive built-in analytics: vehicle detection plus ANPR that will reliably find cars and read their plates without human assistance.

Portable state-of-the-art speed and traffic enforcement camera
A roadside recognition camera is expected to detect and record each passing vehicle, register its license plate, take a full-color image, add a time stamp and a location stamp and create a data package which they store and forward to a central database. No staff needed: ARH’s ideal portable camera, S1, does all the above with or without human assistance. As an LPR camera, it has exceptional accuracy and speed in automatic License Plate Recognition – this is why it can also function as a toll enforcement cam. What’s more: S1 is capable of spotting traffic violations like exceeding the speed limit, driving in an emergency lane or crossing a solid line.

Standalone ID data capture and authentication – with multiple network access options Passport Reading technology has a role in identifying global threats and needs – making sure today’s challenges are the opportunities of tomorrow. ARH's Combo Smart N (N short for Network) is a remotely accessible all-in-one ID reader and verification terminal. It is a self-contained device: reads all ID information without a PC or laptop – it works perfectly with thin clients. Most ID readers need a local server. Combo Smart N’s cutting edge is that it is a platform independent IP reader: can be connected to any type of mobile device – smartphone, PDA – to display the user interface. Three different light sources (visible white, IR and UV-A) yield high resolution images ideal for OCR and authentication. The device’s RFID module supports the latest RF authentication standards like SAC, EAC2 and LDS2.0. A revolutionary Adaptive Light Control solution prevents direct sunlight or strong artificial light from interfering with document scanning. This is important to guarantee perfect imaging – especially with hoodless scanners. Consult our experts at the exhibition on the variety of access options to Combo Smart N.

With software and hardware development in one hand, leading the way among developer-manufacturers, ARH’s intellect helps define new directions in the world of maintaining and improving global security.